GT Online: Mr. Guo Wengui’s Younger Days

Written by: Ermat

Mr. Guo spoke on the Sept. 10 broadcast about some of his younger days, including donating to the students in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and some of his time in the Qingfeng Detention Center.

I went to Heihe to sell jeans at 13, got married at 15 and had a son at 16. At that time I had a 3,500 yuan Suzuki 125 motorcycle , a Legend 400, a 220 Nanjing Jeep, the equivalent of multiple 747s and mansions now. In 1989, I sold my motorcycle to support the students in Tiananmen Square.  The largest denomination of money at that time was 10 yuan. I donated 3,000 RMB in cash. I made 2,000 RMB in six months, which is equivalent to 200 billion today. A teacher from Qingfeng Detention Center came to see me after he was released from prison. I was already being watched at that time. I personally developed the cause of exterminating the Communist Party inside the detention center, and incorporated what he taught into my blood. This revolution to destroy the Communist Party was not an accident, it was not that simple. In Qingfeng Detention Center I could have gotten out but could not. We will talk about the reasons for this later. At that time, I was the only one who had so much money and supported the student movement. I was the only one who did not kneel once in the detention center.

After I learned about the Orthodox Church, I learned about the Mormons. I just want to let the Communists know that this extermination of the Communist Party is no accident. When am I going to clean up after you? There will be no falsification of my history at all, because the Communist Party is right there staring at me. If you want to really understand me, you have to go and study my past history carefully.



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