A Number of Comrades of Whistleblower Movement Were Harassed by the Lawyers of Ping An Group for Spreading The Truth About The Theft of The Country

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On September 3, Mr. Guo Wengui revealed in his live broadcast that: Ping An Group has a staggering 22 trillion RMB in national stolen assets. And Ma Mingzhe, Chairman of Ping An Group, has used the guise of being the “No. 1 shareholder of Ping An” to bribe the families of successive members of the Political Bureau of the central committee of CCP. Ping An stole the country with loans and colluded with evil capital predators outside China. Since then, the comrades of the Whistleblower Movement, have been spreading the news in various social media and in multiple languages, causing strong reactions both domestically and internationally.

Recently, a number of comrades have received a letter from the Hong Kong law firm DLA Piper via “private tweet”, accusing them of spreading “false information about Ma Mingzhe”. The lawyer’s letter asked the comrades to stop spreading the above information on the Internet and reply within 7 days. The letter threatened the comrades that if not, the law firm would sue the comrades and even apply for an injunction in Hong Kong.

However, the lawyer’s letter did not mention Mr. Guo Wengui’s name at all, let alone dared to mention Mr. Guo’s explosive live broadcast on Sept. 3.

 Mr. Guo repeatedly confirmed in yesterday’s live broadcast and today’s Gettr video that law firm DLA Piper did not dare to send him a lawyer’s letter. Mr. Guo derided Ma Mingzhe  “Why didn’t Ma Mingzhe sue me, Ma Mingzhe? If you have the guts to come here! Sue me! Ping An you do not come to sue me, you are my grandson!”

Ma Mingzhe used his Hong Kong lawyer to harass our comrades by sending indiscriminate letters, trying to threaten them with indiscriminate and stalking lawsuits. The method he used is the same as the stalking and indiscriminate lawsuits launched by the CCP’s “Explosion Suppression Task Force” against Mr. Guo Wengui. However, the “Ma Rui rape case” ended without a result, the “Huang Yan case” initiative to withdraw the case, as well as Mr. Guo won “Dongli v. Vision” case.  All this shows the Whistleblower Movement‘s purpose and strength of eliminating the false with the truth and never breaking the truth. Mr. Guo appealed to all the comrades who received a letter from Ping An’s lawyer, told them to contact each Himalayan farm or the Rule of Law Foundation, the Foundation will be responsible for all attorney fees.


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