9/11/21 Japan Galaxy News: Japan’s Defense Minister Visits Vietnam To Discuss Regional Situation And Equipment Transfer; Toyota Cuts Production Again

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1.High School Entrance Exams Do Not Require Vaccinations and Negative Test Results

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has notified boards of education across Japan that proof of vaccination and negative PCR tests will not be required to take the high school entrance exams held this year, NHK reported on Sept. 10. In addition, the notice stresses that students should not be disadvantaged because they did not submit negative test results or did not receive vaccinations. It also emphasizes that certain candidates should not be disadvantaged because they are affected by the temporary closure of schools or cannot attend school due to infection or fear of infection. It also makes the same requirement for entrance exams for primary and secondary schools.

2.Toyota to Cut Production by About 400,000 More Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp. has said it will cut production by about 360,000 vehicles this month because of the rapid spread of the Communist virus in Southeast Asia, which has prevented the procurement of parts from the region, NHK reported on Sept. 10. However, with the spread of the epidemic and the shortage of semiconductors making it more difficult to procure parts, the company has announced that it will cut production by an additional 70,000 units this month and 330,000 units next month for a total of 400,000 units. As a result, production this month will be about half of what was originally planned, and next month will be only about 60 percent. The company also said the outlook for November and beyond is unclear and lowered its domestic and international production forecast for the year to “a level of 9 million units” from 9.3 million units.

3.Japan’s Defense Minister Visited Vietnam to Discuss the Regional Situation and Equipment Transfer

According to Kyodo News, on September 10, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi revealed at a press conference that he would visit Vietnam from the same day until the 12th. He will hold talks with Vietnamese Defense Minister Phan Van Giang to exchange views on the regional situation in the East and South China Seas, where Communist China is strengthening its maritime activities. In addition, the two sides are expected to start final negotiations on the signing of agreements related to defense equipment and technology transfer, on which substantive agreements have been reached. He said, “We will have a frank exchange of views to raise the defense cooperation relationship to a new stage from the perspective of maintaining peace and stability in the region and the international community.”

4.Japan’s Suspicious Access Average Daily More than 6,000 Ransomware Victimization Has Increased Sharply

According to Kyodo News on September 9, the Japanese Police Agency aggregated data from the first half of this year (January to June), the average daily number of suspicious accesses such as cyber-attacks detected by the system set up on the Internet reached 6,347.4 and has continued to show a high level of more than 6,000 for three consecutive six months since the first half of 2020. The number of reports of ransomware attacks, which encrypt confidential data by intruding into corporate systems, increased by 40 to 61 from the second half of last year. 27 of the 61 ransomware attacks used the “double threat” tactic of extorting money to release passwords and threatening to disclose the information if it was refused—the “double threat” technique.

5.8,891 New Infections in Japan

According to FNN, on September 11, the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare said that “the number of new infections is expected to decline steadily. “He expects the emergency declaration to be lifted by the end of September. “In Tokyo, 1,242 new cases of the disease were confirmed on Sept. 11. It was the 19th consecutive day with fewer cases than the same day the week before. The number of seriously ill patients dropped by eight from nine days to 243. Meanwhile, the total number of new infections nationwide was 8,891. It was the first time since July 23 that the number fell below 10,000 on Friday. The Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare said he expects the emergency declaration for 19 prefectures, including Tokyo, to expire on Sept. 30. The emergency will be lifted on time if the number of new infections continues to fall.

6.Summer Bonuses Averaged 770,000 Yen, the Lowest in 12 Years

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare announced that the finalized amount of summer bonuses for major private companies for 2021 is 773,632 yen, an average decrease of 6.59% compared to the previous year, JIJI reported on Sept. 10. This is the third consecutive year of decline and the largest decrease since 15.60% in 2009 after the financial tsunami. Of the 21 industries, 12 reported year-over-year declines. The largest decline was in transportation (32.51%), including railroads. Precision machinery (-11.49%) and motor vehicles (-9.10%) also fell sharply.

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