US Official Documents Were Exposed, Confirming That Wuhan Institute of Virology Has Carried Out Coronavirus Transformation Experiments

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The US news website The Intercept disclosed more than 900 pages of documents on September 7th, showing that Wuhan Institute of Virology has received funds through the New York-based non-governmental organization “EcoHealth Alliance” to conduct experiments to modify the bat coronavirus, so that the coronavirus produced in the laboratory can infect humans and make it more pathogenic. This disclosure provides new and powerful clues for the Covid-19 to come from the laboratory, and at the same time refutes the official statement of the Chinese Communist Party.

The documents were released in connection with ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation by The Intercept against the National Institutes of Health. The documents include two previously unpublished research proposals funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as project updates related to the EcoHealth Alliance’s research.

According to reports, one of the funding applications is led by Peter Daszak, the head of the EcoHealth Alliance, called “Understanding the Risks of Bat Coronavirus Appearance”. The research content is to screen bat samples to find new types. Coronavirus also involves screening people who have come into contact with live animals. The document also involved several key details of virus research, including the key experimental work of humanized mice conducted in the P3 laboratory of the Animal Experiment Center of Wuhan University instead of the P4 laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Daszak has been in deep collusion with the CCP. Previously, “Pulse of the Country” also excavated the speeches of Daszak that he entrusted the work of the virus that he described as “killer” to his “colleagues from the CCP.”

The bat coronavirus grant provided EcoHealth Alliance with a total of $3.1 million, including $599,000 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology used in part to identify and alter bat coronaviruses “gain-of-function research” likely to infect humans.


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