The Young Lives Were Taken by the Venom of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

An increased daily number indicates, the Covid-19 vaccine killed many innocent people, especially after the global government’s push to immunize the teens. More and more young lives are taken by the vaccine venom, while the mainstream media ignore it. What the whole world is about to face in the upcoming winter will be an indescribably grim situation.

Below are the well-known cases of Covid-19 vaccine toxic side effects.

Due to vaccine side effects, Jakob Fuglsang, 36, a Danish Tour de France player, failed the competition.

Three Belgium professional cycling young athletes, one 15-year old and two 17-year old accused Pfizer vaccine of heart problems.

Gilbert, a Kenyan player who won a gold medal in China, died suddenly at 23.

Both Cameron Burrell, 26, American track and field star, and Olivia Podmore, 24, New Zealand track cyclist, died suddenly a few days after the Olympics.

Kjeld Nuis, a Dutch skater, was fortunate to be saved after fighting with pericarditis.

The above are the only tiny iceberg coroner of the vaccine poisoned cases that the media have not entirely covered up because of their popularity; however, obviously, more victimizations have not been reported. These Covid-19 vaccinated teenagers who suffered irreversible health damage will live under the threat of heart disease for the rest of their lives. Their family will endure tremendous pressure and agony beyond description as well.

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