“Dark Force” of Big Pharma and the Monetization of COVID Vaccines

September 10th, 2021

Source: Internet

The American medical system had never been so helpless when Covid-19 hit in March last year.  Recommendations from CDC and Dr. Fauci tied many doctor’s hands to practice medicine one their own.  Medical treatment is a business solely between a patient and his/her doctor. No government officials should ever interfere in that relationship. The CDC and NIH who are sponsored by big pharma and businesses tried very hard to stop any doctor from prescribing medicines that could save many lives.

Lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine were recommended by Chris Whitty during its trial stage which killed covid patients instead of saving them. The misinformed paper was published to scare off many doctors and patients who really needed covid treatment guidance.  It missed the opportunity to save hundreds and thousands of lives. Even though the paper was retracked later for its falsehood.  But this is way too late for many families who lost their loved ones. 

America’s Frontline Doctor is one of the few organizations that took the risk to help American people.  “A small number of courageous physicians in the US and around the world put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line, and started treating Covid patients early to prevent hospitalization, mechanical ventilation and death.” AFLDS has petitioned FDA for using hydroxychloroquine over the counter to treat Covid patients and was ignored.

Recently not only AFLDS was under attack but also the cheap effective drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin were under attack. So many news outlets are reporting Ivermectin poison cases and death which, after investigation, are found to be all minor cases and none was hospitalized. These attacks are carefully planned and orchestrated by the dark forces with only one goal in mind: “making money and controlling people”.  They cannot afford to have any cheap and effective covid-19 drugs being made known to the public. They have blood on their hands.

We highly recommend that everyone tries to stay healthy and alert, and make sure you have all the latest information to help you through these difficult times, also constantly educate yourself and always do your own research, as this way you can arm yourself with good information and not the lies told by the MSM as they are biased towards Big Pharma.


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11 days ago

It’s not just excessive doses of Hydoxychloriquine that Chris Whitty alegedly used to kill people, Midazolam was also used: https://theexpose.uk/2021/08/29/midazolam-was-used-to-prematurely-end-the-lives-of-thousands-who-you-were-told-had-died-of-covid-19/

Along with fraudulent PCR tests (as reported by Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Committee), these suspected murders perpetuated fear of COVID-19 making people all too ready to accept the ‘vaccines,’ to the benefit of Big Pharma and the CCP.

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