Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live broadcast on September 8, 2021

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on September 8, 2021: The auction industry’s appraisal, evaluation, and lawyers are one-stop fraud; the CCP’s trust art market is a market for deception and money laundering; there are fellowships in China, the Illuminati and Freemasonry, Wang Qishan and Zhang Hongwei are both members of the China Illuminati; Miles Guo’s club is the most legitimate intelligence agency in the world

1. Middle East investors plan to invest 10 billion in the Fed H.E.

A Middle Eastern investor who once invested $1 billion in Coinbase plans to invest 10 billion in the H.E. Fed, which is valued at 100 billion U.S. dollars. The status of Coinbase is similar to a gas station, and the Fed H.E. is similar to a large oil field.

2. Martin pledged a few hundred yuan of fake paintings in exchange for a loan of 460 million yuan, opening a precedent for corruption and fraud in the art market.

3. The book “Nude Margin” was sold out after Mr. Guo’s GTV live broadcast.

4. The goal of private investment banks is to defraud the money of the really rich and eventually rob all the poor of the money;

5. Yellow

The CCP labels the color of love granted to humans by the heavens as yellow, which is to make people never have sex, but the Chinese Communist Party can enjoy it all the time.

6. Qian Peichen’s fakes have conquered the world, the sorrow of Chinese cultural people.

7. You don’t need to thank you for spreading the truth about the antidote, you just care about saving lives

CNBC’s stigmatization news is a repeat of the Communist Party’s routines. Four to five mainstream media in the United States bowed down to the Communist Party for a few minutes. Whistleblower movement and promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, Artemisinin, and dexamethasone in the treatment of CCP virus infection. We only seek to save as many people as possible. We don’t care what others say or think, If believe us they can be rescued as soon as possible. If don’t believe us. We can only ask for blessings.

8. The essence of mainland art finance

The art finance of the Chinese Communist Party: There are three key points in the process of loan, bank, and calligraphy and painting pledge: (1) Evaluation, without evaluation, fraudulent loans and loans will not work; (2) Identification, without identification, from fake to genuine, art finance Unable to play; (3) Risk control of internal lawyers. As long as the three are unified, you can deceive anyone you want to deceive.

9. Premier Li Keqiang can’t escape fake gifts

Several of Li Keqiang’s paintings and the works of the painter Huang Zhou are all fakes. Many people have been asked to appraise them and they are all considered to be genuine. After seeing them, Mr. Guo thought all of them were fakes. Everything is false, the inevitable result of the Chinese Communist Party’s deception of the popularization of culture.

10. The sale of calligraphy and painting started in the 90s, just fill in the certificate

Li Botan’s Beijing calligraphy and painting trade veteran, Jia Qinglin is the backstage, the trunk of the car is full of blank certificates, just fill out in minutes. In the 1990s, Wang Jianlin began to use fakes to defraud loans. After playing for decades, the most terrible thing was that Wang Jianlin used only Wu Guanzhong’s paintings to defraud him of 10 to 20 billion in mortgages. China Minsheng Bank’s art market began to enter the financial market in 2007, and now the trust market officially announced 24.3 trillion yuan, with a real market value of 80 trillion yuan.

11. The art market license is the legal license of the scammer

Yan Bin, the owner of the fake Red Bull producer of the Communist Party of China, has the first art market, which can not only evaluate but also identify. Yan Bin has a good personal relationship with Zeng Qinghuai, and also has a good relationship with several people around Wang Qishan. He uses the hotel , Money, and Beauty broke out this trading license. The current national trust market of 9 billion yuan, plus private bank credit. Without the platform of the Communist Party, the system of ruling the country with hypocrisy and ruling the country with corruption, it is impossible to have such a world of people.

12. Pan Shiyi, Zhang Xin, a couple of art liars

Having played with Western calligraphy and painting for decades, no art in SOHO is true. The exterior decorations of buildings are actually printed out, and only the Chinese can do it.

13. Li Botan’s painting and Moutai clubs are essentially the exchange of power and interests;

14. One thing is very scarce in Japan

Almost all the arts in Japan can find the shadow of Chinese culture, many. But there is one thing that is very scarce, that is, fakes are extremely rare, and fakes cannot be completed. This shows that Japan’s financial market is too real, so it lost to the CCP and the United States.

15. If you don’t know how to read CCP’s fake, steal, cheat, and greed, you will never become a winner.

16. Zhang Hongwei spent a lot of money to obtain “Wine Bath”, now in Chen Yuan’s hands

The model was very young when the work was produced. The painting is a Buggy painting, and the painting technique has reached a higher level, integrating the perfect combination of Western colors with realism and artistic conception. It should be Zhang Hongwei who bought it from Dong Wenbiao for a big price. I strongly suspect that the authentic product should still be in Zhang Hongwei’s hands. Chen Yuan’s should be a counterfeit. Imitation.

17. After Chen Yuan obtained this painting, he gave Zhang Hongwei several billion US dollars in loans

Zhang Hongwei always believes that Chen Yuan is the chief financial officer of the Chinese Communist Party. So far, all the people in the financial world are in trouble. Only Zhang Hongwei is still safe. After Chen Yuan obtained this painting, the CDB loaned Zhang Hongwei several billion dollars. The officials of the China Development Bank were almost arrested. Chen Yuan was fine, and Xi Jinping did not dare to move him.

Zhang Hongwei went very deep and was also the culprit who framed the imprisonment of Ma Jian, the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Security. Zhang Hongwei, son, daughter, Li You, and Li You daughter are all participants in the frame of Ma Jian. At the same time, Mr. Guo’s family assets were over 100 billion U.S. dollars. This hatred does not avenge the non-gentleman.

18. Zhang Hongwei’s “Wine Bath” set off a political storm inside the wall

Duan Weihong’s release from prison and the publication of corruption books by the Communist Party of China shocked CCP greatly. CCP only believes in hard things and despises soft ones. Without the publication of this book, Duan Weihong would not be able to get out of prison, and Wen Jiabao would not be able to save it. The revolution and the New Federal State of China should not be blended with CCP. Only dozens and hundreds of times the fist hit them back. CCP only persuaded them.

19. Zhang Hongwei is the garbage and dross of the crimes in modern Chinese history

Zhang Hongwei turned from a migrant worker to a developer of Oriental Homeland. Wealth has not changed his essence. Vice Minister Ma Jian was convicted of the people who fell into trouble: Zhang Hongwei and Li You;

20. Mr. Guo ran a model agency, art appraisal company, and auction house in the 1990s

Zhang Ziyi’s first job after graduation was obtained by Mr. Guo Model Company. The first film was an advertisement for Tuopai Liquor, and the remuneration was RMB 3,000. At that time there was no Ma Yun, nor Wang Jianlin.

21. Art under CCP has lost its “art” and only “technique” remains

Adding a “deception” before “technique” becomes a deception technique. The trust has become a fraudulent trust.

22. All domestic trust products are fake financial products

The core of CCP’s culture is false, fake, cheating, and stealing. The revolution is not telling pornographic stories, but it is easy for the people to understand. Red Bull’s boss, Yan Bin, is the biggest insult to the Chinese people to engage in the country’s largest art market. Officially, the transaction volume of domestic calligraphy and painting is between 1.8 trillion and 2000 billion. In fact, the amount exceeds RMB 5 trillion. Many invisible transactions are not visible on the desktop.

23. The creative inspiration of the Olympic opening ceremony is related to Mr. Guo

Mr. Guo once obtained the Qing Dynasty “Chinese Immortal Picture” long scroll, valued at 20 million. He was identified by a specialist for many times. It was actually a fake. It was regarded as the treasure of the town hall by the Shenyang Museum. Later, he was mortgaged and raised 800 million yuan by a domestic real estate tycoon. Achieve a trillion real estate empire today. The biggest role is that when reading with Chen Danqing and Zhang Yimou, the creative inspiration for the Olympic opening ceremony program was generated according to the form of the scroll. It shocked the United States and the Western world. The long scroll of Chinese history, creativity and history are as simple as that.

24. Breaking the news about the revolution and the New Federal State of China to restore the historical truth of the Communist Party’s past reforms and opening up

Restore the so-called hearsay that everyone has heard, the great history of riches, such as art, filming, playing football, and so on. Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun’s so-called art is all deceit, and art has become a tool for money laundering.

25. The three paintings of true art, true work, and true history were finally played out of politics

When the three paintings tell the story of her dealings one day, they give birth to the most amazing woman in China. Her secret history is all in the three paintings. It is also the reason why many CCP families will die above, behind it is a lot of politics. , Money, corruption, relationships, and seeing the painting immediately feels younger than a teenager, no need to take Viagra is sure to have an effect. However, behind her is all blood and cold politics, money and corruption.

26. The first thing for the future education community of the New China Federation is to completely eradicate the signature of Peking University

The source of all disasters in the CCP, the dross of the nation, set up a monument to China’s education humiliation. The culture of Peking University without a conscience has cultivated countless unscrupulous people, and they are entangled with the Communist Party to entrap the country, the nation, and the people.

27. Lies are always covered by lies

A lie is always only a part of the lie told, and N times the lie is instantly honored. The lies told by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong are always only part of the lies. Wang Jianlin used fake paintings to mortgage the loan, and all his hands were Zhu Maoyuan, a so-called lawyer who graduated from Peking University. If this person is arrested, Wang Jianlin’s crimes will be thoroughly exposed.

28. There are dark organizations and forces affecting the world

The past vaccine politics, political vaccines, vaccine real estate, vaccine finance, vaccine economy, vaccine elimination, vaccine art, vaccine trust, are all illusions. There are powerful dark organizations influencing the world. The music industry, finance industry, medical industry, etc. are all like this. They don’t care about anyone’s evaluation, and they don’t care if anyone knows. It is best that no one in this world knows their existence. Many Chinese people still don’t know this philosophy. If Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin understood that such rules exist, they would not die so miserably.

29. After the Chinese Communist Party won the WTO and the Olympics, the world entered a dark cycle

China’s hundreds of years of market gaps have attracted the world’s marshland forces to share the benefits of China’s cake, enslaving the country’s people, and fostering an evil CCP. In the end, it will rule the entire mankind, and in the end, corpses will be everywhere, all kinds of wars, and biochemical wars. All within the scope of CCP’s plan, it will eventually be linked to the Russian forces in the north.

30. The mirror of history: Ming Chengzu Zhu Di (Emperor Yongle) followed by 800 fighters killed his nephews and became king

Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunxi (nephew of Zhu Di) cut the domain and triggered Zhu Di’s rebellion. Emperor Jianwen was able to destroy him many times. Emperor Wen’s indulgence led to the abolition of the throne. The compassion of the Chinese is similar to the state of Emperor Jianwen, and the Communist Party is similar to Zhu Di at the time, and the world has ruled the Chinese people to this day.

From the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the Spring and Autumn Period, and the Three Kingdoms, to the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, and the Communist Party of China, China has not had a decent organization, and the Chinese nation will always endure disasters. It is not a problem that can be solved by religion, party, or organization. This is the core reason why Gclub was established.

31. Gclub members are always the masters of wealth and desire

When the wealth is so great that you don’t care, you are the master of money. when you care about money, you are the slave of money; when you care about reputation, you are the slave of reputation. Be the master of money and reputation forever, and cannot be their slave. The dark forces in the world are also great, but they have desires and hierarchies, which are completely contrary to the Internet age, democracy, and people’s livelihood. The Gclub organization is a group of people who are the masters of money and desires.

32. Gclub is the seed to create the future of mankind

All members of Gclub are transparent and completely transparent. There are no restrictions on members, no organizations, no institutions. When our beliefs, wealth, and abilities are unified, the seeds that grow after wind and rain will create the future of mankind.

33. Experience determines everyone’s current state

Everything revolves around the elimination of CCP, so that more people are discerning, open-minded, have basic judgment, basic self-confidence, basic creativity, ability to create wealth, and the ability to control and control wealth. This is the continuous live broadcast. Core purpose. It is enough for comrades-in-arms to understand the greatness of the revolution, and it is not necessary for everyone to understand.

34. CNBC’s false report on vaccine antidote. Whether to take medicine or not to get an injection is all a personal choice. We are only responsible for spreading the truth. Belief or disbelief are all personal blessings. Whistleblower movement is that the revolution does not break the truth, does not ask anyone, and does not look at anyone’s face.

35. Xiao Jianhua’s talents are highlighted in one word “fake” and “fake” ability

The trust licenses and bank licenses obtained in exchange for corruption became Xiao Jianhua’s platform for fraud, playing with fake financial bills. Weifang Bank was the first to pledge artistic quality, and Baotou Commercial Bank was the first to pledge calligraphy and painting. In the early stage, Xiao Jianhua’s financing needed to be pledged with the stocks of the listed company. In the later stage, he directly issued bank bills without the pledge at all. Xiao Jianhua is not as good as rubbish. He is a person who engraves fake seals and issues fake bills, and is the master of bribery. He was once used as a template for worship by Wu Guanzheng’s son.

36. Internet & mobile phones will be strictly controlled by CCP in the next two to three months

Advances in network communication technology, sky wifi, and new Apple mobile phones will soon enter the market. Many people in Russia, Nepal, Outer Mongolia and other places are working on circumvention VPN software. It may become more and more difficult to circumvent the wall in the future. The G series and network service providers will provide services that penetrate firewalls. Ensure that people in other countries can see the real CCP virus and vaccine disaster information. Open your eyes wisely to save lives.

37. There are unknowable heavenly powers outside people

If you do nothing, you will get retribution if you do it. Just when and how to get retribution.

38. Wang Qishan is the master of the dark forces of the Chinese Communist Party

Both Chen Feng and Wang Jian were members of his development. Many of them were carried out through Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Wang Qishan was the second generation of the earliest developed family who received Yao Yilin’s single biography. Zhang Hongwei is also a member.

39. Zhang Hongwei and Dong Wenbiao hurt the Chinese people a lot

Zhang Hongwei, his son, daughter, and Dong Wenbiao have done great harm to China’s finances and are connected with the evil of CCP in East Asia and the Middle East. The National Security Council has set up a special team to combat cults. In May last year, we began to crack down on the evil forces of the cult. In July, we arrested the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China. The fake paintings Xiao Jianhua bought in New York (many from the king of fakes, Qian Peichen) were all given to him.

40. World-class clubs are all the best intelligence agencies

41. The top three sperm banks in the world belong to the Miles Guo’s family Trustees, and the top ten clubs in the world cannot do without us.

42. Path of Detoxification

Starting from the southeast corner, the southwest corner, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Russia, returning to the mainland, the CCP game is over.

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