GT Online: The Role of Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe in Relations with Taiwan

Written by: Ermat

Mr. Kuo said in a live broadcast on September 7 that Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe have been gaining intelligence on Taiwan and infiltrating it through WeChat and loan.

Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe have done a thousand times more in relations with Taiwan than Ma Yun. WeChat, which Ma Huateng controls, is extremely well used among middle-aged and elderly people in Taiwan, which allows CCP to obtain much intelligence information by monitoring WeChat. Ma Mingzhe, on the other hand, is infiltrating Taiwan’s capital. What he does is give loans to Taiwanese capitalists, and bribes through artwork. A lot of Taiwanese bigwigs get shares in Lufthansa through US and European companies. The financial bombs that Ma Mingzhe and Lufthansa have planted in the world are of nuclear weapons level.

The US, UK , France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan are the places where the most art is traded.The growth curve of the painting and calligraphy trade over the years is almost exactly the same as the growth curve of China’s money printing.  What you can find on the Internet are the results of cultural art transactions on the bright side. What about other channels? Think of all the money transferred legally coming out of customs.



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