GT Online: It is the CCP that Threatens the World, Not the US

Written by: Ping

Proofread by : April on Earth

The Global Times reported that on Sep 8th, the USS Benfold, an Aegis-guided missile destroyer, illegally intruded within 12 nautical miles of Meji Reef in the Spratly Islands without the approval of the CCP government. The CCP spokesman for the southern war zone said the facts have repeatedly proved that the United States is an uncompromising “security risk maker in the South China Sea” and the “biggest spoiler” of peace and stability in South China Sea.

Taking advantage of this incident, the mouthpiece media of the CCP once again concocted the US threat theory to further brainwash the common Chinese people. They also said, “If the US treats China as an enemy, then China will certainly become a qualified enemy!” No doubt the ignorant patriotic people have been rekindled, and they are unaware to be sacrificed by the CCP in the coming war!

The New York Times added, “What the United States and some of its allies including Japan, NATO and others, are currently doing is using military means to provoke China’s bottom line and even undermine the core interests of the CCP, while at the same time trying to use various means to ask the CCP for their mercy.”

However, back in October 2020, the PLA Daily published a commentator’s article stating, “Put all your thoughts and energy into preparing for war and fighting battles!” This has sent a clear signal.

In other words, the CCP has been preparing for war in the South China Sea and other places for a long time. In addition, Mr. Miles Guo has repeatedly mentioned in his broadcasts and posts that the “Double Dragon Plan” is to control Hong Kong and Taiwan. So whether or not there are “provocations” from the United States, Japan, NATO, and other countries, Taking Taiwan by the military is an evil plan that the CCP must carry out. The CCP’s mouthpiece always interprets the West’s protection of the Taiwan Strait as a threat and provocation, using the propaganda to continue to brainwash the uninformed Chinese people.

The Global Times has repeatedly said that CCP China should build 1,000 nuclear warheads. The US now wants CCP to maintain a “minimum nuclear deterrent” line. The CCP says that nuclear forces are always maintained at the minimum level required for national security. However, this minimum level must be highly reliable, and it will change as China’s national security situation evolves.

The facts prove that the CCP has already prepared itself militarily and to launch a war in the Taiwan Strait at any time.

Mr Miles Guo has warned more than once that Western communism has infiltrated Western democracies and that it will be a disaster for humanity. Since 2019 when the CCP used biochemical weapons to attack and slaughter people around the world, it has been proven that the CCP is the enemy of the entire civilized world.

At the same time, we must try to awaken the people in China to the fact that loving the CCP is not equal to loving China. The biggest threat to the world is the CCP, which is using BGY and communism to corrupt the world.

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