U.S. Media Announced New Evidence That the U.S. Agencies Funded the Research of the Enhanced Function of the CCP virus, and Fauci May Face Legal Liability for Lying

Translated by MOS Media Team — CloudSky

The Intercept, a U.S. media website, recently published a more than 900-page material revealing more details about the U.S. Health Ecological Health Alliance’s applications for a grant from the Fauci-led National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to fund experimental research on bat coronavirus function enhancement at CCP’s laboratories. Two of the grant applications were made public for the first time. One application is for “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence,” which states that the funds will be used to screen thousands of bat samples and recruit staff to perform these dangerous experiments. It also mentions conducting key experiments simulating human cell mice in a Level III laboratory at Wuhan University’s Animal Experimentation Center, rather than a Level IV laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research, as has been speculated. Another application is about “Understanding Risk of Zoonotic Virus Emergence in Emerging Infectious Disease Hotspots of Southeast Asia”. This proposal, written in advance of the 2019 outbreak of viruses in China, seems prescient. In particular, it mentions how to increase and deploy resources in Asia in the event of an “emergency epidemic” and refers to the region as a “hot spot within a hot spot.

These newly released details provide additional evidence that the virus is a laboratory product. The material also confirms that the grant-supported research included combining the stinger gene of one coronavirus with the genetic information of another coronavirus to produce a new virus that could infect human cells, and revealed for the first time that the newly generated virus would be more pathogenic than the original virus.

It further exposed the lie that Fudge had previously claimed in the congressional hearing that there was no funding to support any function enhancement research. Not long ago, U.S. Senator Rand Paul has formally filed a criminal investigation of Fauci with the Department of Justice. If Fauci’s lie is proved, he may face legal responsibility.

Edited and Posted by: Paratrooper

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