Soros Criticized Blackrock’s Investment in China

Translated by MOS Media Team — CloudSky

Zero Hedge, Sept. 7 (Bloomberg) reported: Following an article in the Financial Times on August 30 warned that ” investors will get a rude awakening in Xi’s Communist China”, Soros, a controversial figure in both his political views and his financial practices, lashed out at Black Rock, a largest asset management company in the United States, in an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. He said Blackrock’s multibillion-dollar investment in the Communist country was a tragic mistake. This mistake is likely to bring losses to the company’s customers.

Soros points out that Black Rock has failed to correctly determine that both public and private companies within China are in fact tools of the CCP. Black Rock covets the huge profits that the CCP could easily earn in the national system, and abandoned the basic universal values.  The actual birth rate in CCP China is far lower than the official statistics, which indicates that the economic prospects of CCP are bleak. And Xi Jinping’s plan for “shared prosperity” is a fundamental change in direction, which does not bode well for foreign investors.

Soros said the United States and CCP are engaged in a life-and-death conflict between authoritarian and democratic systems of governance.  The Black Rock initiatives to increase the allocation of assets of the CCP endangers the national security interests of the United States and other democracies because the funds invested in the CCP will help support Xi’s internally authoritarian and externally expansionist regime. Congress should pass legislation authorizing the Securities and Exchange Commission to restrict the flow of funds to the CCP, and this effort should be supported by both parties.

Last month, Black Rock just became the first foreign asset management firm to operate a wholly-owned mutual fund business in CCP China. Like other prominent Wall Street investment institutions, Black Rock has been bought and held hostage by the blue and gold of the CCP for years, and is still vainly trying to continue to draw blood from the common people of both China and the United States. It is believed that the iron fist of socialism will soon wake them up.


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