Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live broadcast on September 7, 2021

Brief introduction:

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on September 7, 2021: The relationship between politics and art: behind the auction houses are military forces; all antique calligraphy and paintings are political intelligence, money laundering and bribery; Ma Mingzhe’s infiltration and corruption of Taiwan are all Nuclear bomb level; the biggest art insurance is Ma Mingzhe. Interpretation of the Black Swan Incident, the fall of the four lights in the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, the collapse of Yan’an cave dwellings, and its relationship with the Taiwan Action 2 that was learned on September 3, 2021

1. A certain star Ying sister’s nude painting “Fire Bath” traded at 360 million RMB

In the past, it was mainly members of the Standing Committee who broke the news. Today, the bastards who broke the news involved playing art. Today, people of all colors in the international and domestic art circles will come to see that there will be yellow jokes interspersed.

2. Those who have seen the painting “Bath of Fire” either die or become the most powerful

The essence of the paintings Miles Guo have seen, the second “Wine Bath”, there are three in total, all of which have been seen. The painter’s fascinating brush, red with black, two red peppers are human, little black forest. Both men and women will react after seeing it.

3. At 12:03 in the morning of September 3, the Mao Memorial Hall slipped and shattered four smallpox crystal lamps. The Administration has never made similar mistakes.

4. On September 3 (or 4), the cave dwellings in Yan’an collapsed, and the foundation of CCP was cut off. Hu Yaobang, Deng Xiaoping, Wang Dongxing, and Yang Dezhi all personally managed the reinforcement and maintenance of cave dwellings. Yan’an cave dwellings are regarded as the core of the Communist Party’s foundation, also called root spirit. .

5. CCP is all the bastard of playing art

Jiatex. Poly (with branches in Hong Kong and Macau) ranks first in Asia in terms of transaction value.

6. Art and artistic value

Art: A fusion and balance of human factors combined with skill, willingness, imagination, and experience, creating artifacts and aesthetics. For example: photography, calligraphy and painting, furniture, etc. Reflects regionality, history, and artistry.

Artistic value: It embodies more than a dozen or even hundreds of values ​​of cultural value, aesthetic value, historical value, and artistic worship value, which is unique, regional, national, and historical.

7. The world’s best painter is in Shanghai

In the past 50 years in China, there are not many Chinese famous painters in the world. The best painter Qian Peichen is in Shanghai and once lived in Flushing, USA. A well-known fake artist who is good at copying, his paintings have been sold for more than one billion US dollars. The production cost of each counterfeit is about RMB 50,000 to RMB 100,000. If you don’t tell the inside story, you will choose fakes, but you won’t like the real ones. He never knew that his work was sold for more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, and the most recent one in Japan was sold for 36 million U.S. dollars. Still living in a Shanghai alley, it is the No. 1 machine among the moneyless machines. Suspected of Nordler’s counterfeit case.

8. Corruption of politics and art, politics and art

Art is the expression of art and time, place, region, and nationality through personal ideas, thoughts, and skills. It is recognized as a value, and at the same time it guides people’s advanced cognition of culture and life, leads values, and inspires people’s thoughts. It has nothing to do with ordinary people who are struggling with food and clothing. To put it simply, playing art is to support you when you are full. There is no place to spend money, consume wealth to pass the time, show off wealth, the soul is empty, just give yourself a so-called elegant hobby. The essence is the same as raising a dog after eating. All art, equipment, calligraphy and painting reflect the expression of life, life, standards, methods, skills, and nationality. When someone buys it, it becomes a commodity and enters the circulation field. The circulation forms an economy. Where there is economy, there is politics, and there must be corruption in politics.

Finally, the most expensive artifacts in history-calligraphy and painting have become exchanges for power, money, and fame (that is, sex), and become a specific tool for expressing power and wealth. They have nothing to do with art.

9. Qian Peichen’s paintings Ma Yun bought the most (in other words: Ma Yun bought fake paintings)

Blok, the originator of the ultramodernist painter representing the American way of life, died of speeding in 1956. Many people copy his works, but they are not like them. Qian Peichen, from China, had a fake price of US$6,000 in Flushing but was sold for US$80 million. He didn’t know the final sale price. The incident was made into a movie by Hollywood. Miles Guo have seen two works sold for US$15 million and US$13 million. In addition, Wang Jianlin, Ma Mingzhe, Dong Wenbiao and Minsheng Bank have also purchased many of his works. Minsheng Bank tried to organize and plan calligraphy and painting trading business. Everyone is not the rule maker of the game, only the players who participate in the game.

Qian Peichen’s paintings were deemed good after a hundred years, and many people sent them to the Zhongnanhai Standing Committee.

10. Cheng Shoukang and Qiu Guoshi are two bastards who manipulate money, prices and play art

Cheng Shoukang is the president of Hong Kong Pan Disheng, the CEO of Sotheby’s Auction House, and Qiu Guoshi is the appraisal master of Sotheby’s Auction House. In one go, he grasped a huge amount of corruption information since China’s reform and opening up, far exceeding the information held by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Anti-corruption does not count as anti-corruption unless these two people are caught. Miles Guo auctioned off a fake jade seal, thanks to them. It was also the source of a large amount of negative information about Miles Guo, which was used by Hu Shuli to distort reports.

11. Mr. Guo is a big auctioneer of Poly Christie’s

All Moutai and Wuliangye alcoholic drink come from the auction market, with certificates and prices.

12. The auction house has no military support and political background.

If the auction is successful, if the money is not collected, the fake auction will be prosecuted and it will be unfair. Auction houses are not capable of selling lots. No one dares to make trouble when selling lots. The darkness of the world’s art market is even darker than the underworld. Who will escort the underworld business? The president, political forces, and military forces have the power and can share the money with Auction house.

13. The original shareholders and members of the board of directors of the Zhao family of the Communist Party of China, who have the power and ability to do the auction house

Wang Yannan (the daughter of Zhao Ziyang) and Li Dongsheng (Mao Zedong’s nephew) can do it, only Poly (the military escort) can do it, and neither Ma Yun nor Dong Wenbiao can do it.

14. September is the big day for Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party

September 3 was a nightmare day in Taiwan. After Xi Jinping finished his honors, he began to implement the “Operation Against Taiwan II” plan on Taiwan. Because (1) the crystal lamp of Mao Memorial Hall fell; (2) Yan’an cave cave collapsed; (3) black The swan descended on Tiananmen Square; (4) Miles Guo announced the antidote; Xi Jinping was afraid of the ominous omen, and his psychology was greatly affected. He temporarily suspended the operation against Taiwan, and Taiwan was temporarily saved from disaster. In history, September is a big day for the Communist Party, and many important decisions are implemented in September.

15. It is a childlike fantasy to strike Taiwan with aircraft missiles

The Communist Party has many plans to deal with Taiwan. Among them: (1) Option 1: CCP used the epidemic to invade Taiwan. The CCP virus caused civil strife and a large number of casualties. CCP directly intervened in the station. The international community could not intervene. Due to the successful virus epidemic prevention, it did not succeed; (2) Option 2: Create turmoil. Borrow chaos to enter Taiwan. Using the internal cooperation of Taiwan sellers and the use of local residents in Taiwan to kill the Kuomintang migrant population, leading to local social protests, igniting ethnic conflicts and social unrest, the Kuomintang political party leader called on the mainland to intervene in Taiwan, four lights fell to the ground, a black swan fell to the ground, and Yan’an cave dwellings The collapse, the virus antidote was announced, and the Communist Party’s “Operation Against Taiwan II” was defeated and suspended the operation;

16. The Communist Party’s Constitution has regulations to save Taiwan

On September 3, 1951 (September 28) Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai, Deng Xiaoping, and later Hu Yaobang, Hu Jintao, the constitution required that the following conditions were met to use force to interfere in Taiwan. (1) Internal turmoil in Taiwan caused a humanitarian crisis; (2) External forces intervened and interfered in the reunification of Taiwan;

17. I have seen a familiar painting in the house of a very good political figure in Taiwan

I once saw a painting in the house of the chief executive of the Continental Army. I am very familiar with the painting style and the unintentional corner oil droplets, and I am very impressed. The market price is 8-10 million U.S. dollars, but when visiting a very influential Taiwanese politician, I saw the painting again in his mansion, and the tycoon claimed to be his son’s collection. If a Taiwanese owns this painting, he must be a Taiwan seller, and he must be one of the main implementers of “Operation Against Taiwan II.”

18. The message from a painting makes Taiwan dangerous

On September 3, the Taiwanese soldiers in Taitung took military operations. The intelligence was completely controlled by the CCP. The internal strife and the collision could directly destroy Taiwan’s core forces, and the rebels directly dealt with them. On the pretext that a very small number of Taiwan independence military elements have harmed mainland personnel in Taiwan. The communist army directly moved in to intervene.

19. Artwork will also become the best intelligence

Any painting or antique represents the right of custody for a temporary period of time. If you understand the right of custody, you will understand that it is the best information.

20. Playing painting scams is the most boring

The cultural goods purchased by the Chinese have only two purposes: (1) money laundering; (2) bribery; both the medical market and the cultural market exceed US$800 billion. Now according to the national and cultural standards, I use my own money to buy calligraphy and painting to enjoy. There is no such a rich person in China, who has not achieved such a taste, including the vast majority of the rich in the United States. All over the world, people who play painting are pretending to be grandchildren, and they are full of food. They use money to pretend to be cultural and tasteful. This kind of scam is the most boring.

21. Art players are all liars

When there are still poor people in the world, human beings will not be able to take them away after 36,000 days. The rest are all pretends. All those who play art are bureaucracy, wealth, and corruption. After wealth is washed away, it is false and unnatural. The result of laughter.

22. WeChat is the most convenient tool for obtaining Taiwanese intelligence

No one knows Ma Mingzhe’s penetration of Taiwan, especially capital penetration and its relationship with Taiwan. Many of Taiwan’s capitalists’ loans and works of art bribes were paid through Ma Mingzhe. Many Taiwanese tycoons have also bypassed European and American companies to obtain shares in Lufax. Ma Huateng did a thousand times more infiltrating Taiwan than Ma Mingzhe. WeChat has a high usage rate in Taiwan, especially among the middle-aged and elderly people. The most convenient tool for obtaining Taiwanese intelligence.

23. Ma Mingzhe and Lufax have planted nuclear bomb-level economic bombs in the world

Through Lufax, Ma Mingzhe has fatal corruption to American pension funds, Wall Street tycoons, and media tycoons. The places where the arts are killed the most are the United States, Britain, and France, and they are also the places where art is played the most. Then there are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. The growth of calligraphy and painting is almost equidistant from the growth of RMB printing.

24. More than 90% of transaction data will not let you see

All transactions that you see are necessary for transactions. They just prove that you have paid and are valuable, and do not involve the authenticity of the work at all. All transactions that you can’t see are real transactions and are the main dishes. Cheng Shoukang and Qiu Guoshi charge 20-25% for each transaction, 15% for individuals, and 85% for Sotheby’s. Legitimate bills.

25. Through Ma Mingzhe and Dong Wenbiao, money can be defrauded by re-pledge

Knowing Ma Mingzhe and Dong Wenbiao, you can evaluate at a premium and get loans far beyond the valuation pledge. Ping An Insurance is the largest art insurance income earner. It is responsible for the insurance. Dong Wenbiao buys the most paintings. It uses all the money saved by the Minsheng Bank. They all use the same method, all of which are fake paintings. Every painting is fake, and Miles Guo knows the origin and source of each painting. And the number of ways to play money is very clear, Xi Yuanping was confused by the play and couldn’t tell the direction. Qian Peichen’s paintings are often obtained by RMB 50,000 and used to defraud loans. He didn’t even know that it would reach US$2 billion.

26. The world is too dark

For every artwork transaction, the insurance company will get a performance, the people’s livelihood loan will collect interest, and all banks have complete control over the bribery and traces, and have a life-and-death relationship with the person who is bribed, beyond the relationship between the genitals.

27. People engaged in finance playing calligraphy and painting are money laundering

Celebrities engaged in calligraphy and painting are bribery, and the prices are standardized and standardized. All the mortgaged artworks are all fakes, all of which are from high imitations. Keep them true and send out high imitations.

28. Evil nation

The essence of art is the value of uniqueness and uniqueness. The characteristics of calligraphy, painting and antiques are uniqueness, timeliness, uniqueness, the expression of ideas, culture, standards, times, and nations. A lot of copying, similar to production, is worthless. It’s just a handicraft. Qian Peichen’s US$6,000 copy can achieve the ultimate in Western painting skills. Although he has such artistic ability and cell, it is still worthless in the mainland. But the bastard teamed up to achieve between 80 million and 100 million US dollars, which is an out-and-out fraud.

29. The old emperor (Jiang Zemin) who looked at Sister Ying’s “Fire Bath” coveted six feet before the later allusion of “Looking for the Big Brother”

30. Western civilization is a truly important civilization for mankind

Represents the true art and culture of mankind. Chinese people plagiarize and imitate, without learning the truth, but becoming tools of corruption. The artists of the CCP will never exist. The nation, the country, and the system are extremely evil, including Taiwan, and there is no real artist in Taiwan, just copying cultural people. Everyone in the CCP’s officialdom and financial circles does not play art, calligraphy, painting, and jade. They are only the pursuit of wealth, the best tool for bribery and money laundering, and more importantly, it is a tool for crime.

31. A lot of money from Ping An Insurance comes from art fake mortgages

The Ping An Group is like a dragon, bribing all over the world. The Western calligraphy and painting that Ma Mingzhe bought can really pile up a mountain, and Dong Wenbiao can buy a city with the money laundered through the calligraphy and painting. CCP officials do not have calligraphy and painting, but they are very pitiful, and many of them are fake. If you have proof, you can legally swindle loans from the bank. People’s Livelihood, China Merchants, Shengjing, Beijing, and Ping An are all like this. Through mortgages, over mortgages, false valuations, and real mortgages, all funds are washed away. Shanghai, Pudong Development and Industrial Development are all the same.

32. Taiwan selling thief is easy to worship under the calligraphy and painting

Taiwanese sellers will not easily fall in front of women, but they are easily bought under a few good jade and emeralds. Seeing Zhang Daqian’s painting, he would immediately kneel down. There is a cabinet of high-quality celadon and white porcelain in a big man’s house, all of which are of the royal tribute level. Cultural corruption, artistic corruption, and more than all means of corruption are more effective than aircraft and missile strikes.

33. Art corruption continues unimpeded in the West

The highest bribery method for giving calligraphy and painting without any responsibility is unimpeded in Western countries, without legal boundaries, and difficult to manage. Foreign leaders will get it without scruples. The United States, Britain, France and Japan are all the same. Jack Ma, Ma Huateng, and Ma Mingzhe are all blue and golden and yellow.

34. Dong Wenbiao’s imported calligraphy and painting were tracked down by the customs

Dong Wenbiao imported a large number of calligraphy and paintings and was investigated by Beijing Customs and was arrested. The Commissioner of Beijing Customs took hundreds of millions of loans for this purpose, so as to avoid the combination of crime and interest exchange.

35. Mr. Guo is the largest auctioneer at Poly Auction

A large number of wine, jade, and jade were bought by Mr. Guo, especially the iron-covered Maotai, 80 to 90% of which was bought by Mr. Guo, at most 50 to 60 cases.

36. The CCP has no art but political art corruption

Mr. Guo once accompanied the current senior officials and couples of Zhongnanhai to visit the authors of the works of “Fire Bath” and preview the manuscripts of the original works. His artistic attainments are indeed very high. The studio, the Great Wall, viewing, drinking, young girls, playing the piano, painting, will win anyone. The original work was supposed to be handled by Ma Mingzhe. Somewhere in Beijing, Wang Qishan, or Zhou Liang, may have this painting in the hands of these two people. One painting and one jade can cause a war. Two months ago, Xi Jinping had already started investigating the whereabouts of this painting. The director of the Hong Kong Asian Art Center Zeng was eventually shot for leaking and spreading the relationship between Ying Sister and the old emperor (Jiang Zemin).

37. Duan Yonghong, former director of Ping An Group, was released from prison

Duan Weihong, the former director of Ping An Group, was falsely accused by Ma Mingzhe and spent more than four years in jail. As the spokesperson of the Wen Jiabao family, her release indicates that Ma Mingzhe’s personal crisis has come. Duan Weihong is the person who knows the most about Ma Mingzhe, the person who knows the most secrets of the Ping An Group, and the person who buys and pledges the most antiques. The earliest contact with the painting “The Bath of Fire” was also Duan Weihong.

38. New Chinese does not need to show value

Westerners hang paintings at home to show their identity and taste. New Chinese of New Federal State of China doesn’t care what others say. They don’t need to spend 100 million dollars on paintings to decorate themselves to show their worth. They don’t need to perform for others to see, and they don’t need to design scenes for others. Look, CCP leaves only falsehoods, fakes, cheating, and stealing all over the world.

39. Whistleblower movememt and the New Federal State of China must understand the meaning and value of wealth

Otherwise, it will definitely become a victim of wealth. If you don’t understand power and the awe of power, you must be a victim of power; if you don’t know the greatness of sex, we men and women are all born of women, so don’t be perverted. In the post-Tang period, everyone’s recklessness proved the result of survival crises and challenges. It has nothing to do with art and is human sorrow. The reason why we must be the most successful people is that justice will succeed, because we can see through these hypocritical games in the world, and don’t let power and wealth turn us into demons. Use power and wealth with caution, make good use of power and wealth, and embrace orthodoxy with respect, admiration, and worship.

40. Everything that happened recently is not alone

The fall of a crystal lamp in Mao Memorial Hall, the fall of a black swan on Tiananmen Square, the collapse of Yan’an cave dwellings, the announcement of the virus antidote, and the miscarriage of the “Operation Against Taiwan II” plan will all mean anything. Every incident is not alone. Just like entering a password, you will get what you want. This is where the revolution broke the news.

41. Wild Birds Entering the Temple

For Xi Jinping and the protection of Taiwan, the black swan is the biggest one among the supernatural events that have occurred in the world. The National Security Committee is dumbfounded, no one knows what to do? After the Central Office directly reported to Xi Jinping, he was absolutely superstitious. He has repeatedly asked for the reinforcement of Yan’an cave dwellings and personally went to the Mao Memorial Hall to pay homage, and he cared very much. Xi Jinping is very superstitious, and major events must be based on the time of day.

The least let you believe in God, they are the most superstitious and most believing in God. There are almost none of Zhou Yongkang, Xiang Junbo, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, and Li Dongsheng who are not superstitious, and even the time to start the car depends on the hour. This is especially true for Xi’s mother. She never returned to Beijing. Shenzhen has always been a safe place for Xi’s family.

42. God Bless Taiwan

Miles Guo concentrated on destroying the Communist Party and broke the news for Taiwan every day, and he actually grasped the core information of the Communist Party, the ShuangLong Project, and so on. The supernatural incident dealt a great psychological blow to Xi Jinping, and the announcement of the virus antidote disturbed Xi Jinping’s mind.

The generals of the three armed forces who have just been honored are all Mr. Guo’s classmates and friends. Although there is no contact, the emergence of the antidote has changed all the deployment of CCP.

43. September 24 is still a life-and-death date for Taiwan

September is an important month for the Communist Party. September 24 is the anniversary of the Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping’s meeting with British Prime Minister Thatcher. It is regarded by the Communist Party as an auspicious day for a major event. It was also the time when Xi Zhongxun was promised to serve as the chairman of the National People’s Congress but was not honored. This time is very important to Xi. Pray not to use force against Taiwan.

44. The vaccine disaster has not yet reached its worst

It is expected that around the end of next year, after the midterm elections in the United States, the vaccine disaster will enter a darker state. (1) Disasters will occur frequently on a large scale; (2) Will new viruses be released; (3) Financial crises in various countries will break out in an all-round way.

The euro will collapse, and the US dollar will not hold up like this. It is hard to imagine that terrorism in Afghanistan will penetrate very quickly.

There will be a lot of uncertainty in future traffic. Pilots have to bring two groups, and the same is true for drivers who drive. They don’t know what will happen at any time.

45. The darkest hour will come before the demise of CCP

I don’t know if CCP will release all the viruses. I hope that when CCP is destroyed, it will not take too many good people away. The mainland should not become a multinational warlord and should not smash Taiwan. All countries are not reliable, only the New Federal State of China.

46, human beings are reincarnation

During the Southern Tang Dynasty, the army did not bring rations in battles, but killed people and cured meat to make food; today human beings have come to this era again, they are forced to vaccinate, irresponsible, and they still have to fight without telling what is in it. There is no one to hold accountable, it’s good to be alive, not to be grateful, not to cherish, and too good to forget;

47. Don’t repay virtue with resentment, don’t hurt each other

There is a big gap in the understanding of the world, human nature, and good and evil. The Communist Party has various manifestations of fake, deceit, steal, and gangsterism. Either sex, money, or power are all related to a very small number of disproportionate people.

48. CCP’s plan for Taiwan is very thorough

There will definitely not only be Operation Against Taiwan I and Operation Against Taiwan II, there will be many other careful plans. The black swan cannot completely prevent the Communist Party’s attack on Taiwan. They will be more cautious and reduce their craziness, which will be detrimental to the New Federal State of China. Delaying time is not about not fighting.

49. The virus vaccine will stop

Many governments have realized that they cannot afford the consequences of the vaccine disaster. The New Zealand government has received many cases and is considering the problems it faces in the later stage. Australia and the European Union have also begun to fear the consequences, and the United States has also begun to panic. However, mandatory vaccines will continue to be crazy for some time.

50. There is fierce fighting between left and right factions around the world

Behind all the fierce battles is the shadow of the Communist Party. The main target of the Communist Party’s actions in Brazil is the granary of the Amazon rainforest. Many people are influencing Brazil’s election. It will make the American rightists feel more threatened. If you do not win the election, the Communist Party will not let you go.

51. The Communist Party will be destroyed in 2025, and no one can stop it.

52. Breaking the news that the revolution is more and more touching the core interests of the dark marshland, and the threat of CCP will become greater and greater. The recent lurking people’s instigation and separation of Hcoin shows that CCP is really scared.

53. The Communist Party will be even crazier on the road to death

Keep your eyes open and not be intimidated by the madness of the Communist Party. They are just looking back. After the flood, the economy, domestic finance, and real estate went from bad to worse. Ma Mingzhe’s collusion with Sotheby’s has gone, and will continue to entertain for a few days later, exposing many people, including some Taiwanese bastards.

54. The live broadcast will continue tomorrow;

55. Eliminate CCP and get back what belongs to the grassroots

The art, luxurious life, and achievements owned by the Communist Party are all based on the dedication of the people. All those who contribute wealth will become house slaves, car slaves, and insurance slaves. False hope has stolen your hope. And in the future, the Communist Party does not have social insurance and will not have any pension insurance. It has stolen your children, family, and future. The breaking news revolution is to let the people understand that all this wealth is yours and was stolen by them. All art serves a small number of people. American modern art can be enjoyed by everyone, but it was later broken by Wall Street. They are two different things. Insurance money laundering, the bank’s fake mortgages are all destroyed, including these celebrities, that art, all are money laundering, loan fraud, and money fraud. Uncover all the cover of the art mortgage cheating game, let the people of the world know that their methods, tricky, awaken the Chinese people, open their minds and open their eyes.

56. Ping An’s method of concealing wealth is the most brilliant. It is by no means the pediatrics of buying a house or land. Speaking of it will definitely scare you to death, and will choose the opportunity to expose it later;

57. The biggest problem of the New Federal State of China is how to find good people and how to judge good people or bad people.

58. The 90-day agreement has more than 20 days left.

It is never worth looking up to make a fuss, do not experience life or death, have never seen a person with big money, and have not experienced sexual temptation. The elite either creates trouble or gets through it, otherwise he is not an elite, including Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and Ma Mingzhe. Although they did not succeed in the end, we are still far from them.

59. Mr. Guo’s family owns the best top sperm hospital in the world

Five years before the Communist Party began to purchase the world’s top sperm hospital, in Switzerland, the world’s best health care hospital, 100% owned by the family fund. Sperm donation and egg donation are welcome to choose healthy comrades who meet the standards of the New Federal State of China.

60. How strong the heart is, how far you can go;

Jigsaw puzzle, put your unknown future into a picture, the power is in the head, the hand is the foundation of power to produce civilization, and the decisive factor is in the mind and heart. People of the New Federal State of China do not have such wisdom and heart, and it is impossible to become a New Federal State of China. David’s comrade-in-arms was resurrected full of blood, and he was grateful to the New Federal State of China. His mind and wisdom determine the result.

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