The Farm: [BREAKING] Vaccine Intel, CCP ‘Shifts Blame’ to Italy, ‘Suspicious News’


As treatment options and emergent remedies proliferate (hydroxychloroquine + z-paks, HIV retrovirals like Remdesivir and Kaletra, vitamin c, zinc, and most recently gargling Listerine) there are other solutions being developed for those in the medical profession. Novel solutions like an easily constructed “Aerosol box” (meant to prevent doctors from being infected when intubating patients) created in Taiwan, the “MVM” mechanical ventilator recently developed in Italy, and 3D printed face shields shouldn’t be overlooked as potential solutions at scale around the world.


With respect to longer term solutions — Miles Guo released an update (video linked below) stating that he believes the CCP already has a vaccine available for the virus — and now it’s up to the CCP to make this vaccine more widely available. Since the beginning of the ‘Expose Revolution’ — Miles Guo has consistently said that a radical element of high ranking Chinese Communist Party members (named in the following video as Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Yang Jiechi, the Shanghai Gang, and Xi Jinping) are responsible for the outbreak of this virus.

Mainstream media outlets in the United States have been obsessed most recently with accusing politicians of racism over the naming conventions of a virus first named 2019-nCoV, then retitled (by the WHO) perhaps to appear less frightening as COVID-19. Of course — the latest and final renaming — to the “CCP Virus” — was necessitated by a bizarre and highly publicized CCP disinformation campaign in which CCP medical professionals and Foreign Ministry spokespeople claimed that the United States Army was responsible for the outbreak. This is an absurd and reprehensible claim to be making when considering that the location of China’s sole P4 biological weapons research lab is located just down the street from the “wet market” the CCP blamed the virus on in the first place.

In the video — Miles Guo also discloses that Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai is (truly) baffled by the latest accusations being made by these CCP propaganda units:

"It's not that I don't want to tell you! I really don't know!"

Whether or not the Ambassador is aware of the greater ‘plan’ is irrelevant — he has already been successfully inserted into the news cycle to provide ‘counter-theories’ that sow confusion. It’s also highly likely that the directive (to blame the Army) was tightly coordinated with the next ‘spin’ campaign

According to Taiwan News — China Global Television Network published an article on March 22nd attempting to shift suspicion for the virus towards Italy. The CCP is claiming “that the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) remains unknown but that Italy might be its birthplace.” CGTN uses an NPR article claiming that a number of suspicious deaths in November and December, primarily among the elderly, were due to a “[severe and] strange pneumonia” present in Lombardy — and therefore Italy could be the true source of the virus:

Taiwan News, China now implying coronavirus may have originated in Italy

We suspect that the Chinese Ambassador to Italy will soon (if they haven’t already) find themselves puzzled and similarly forced to apologize upon discovering that sources responsible for previously spreading absurd rumors about the US Army are now trying to shift blame over to Italy itself. Take care to note that this screenshot below is from the ‘source’ article on NPR — one that the CCP is using to now frame the Italian people.

NPR, ‘Every Single Individual Must Stay Home’: Italy’s Coronavirus Surge Strains Hospitals

While these tactics simply amount to a prolonged series of “victim blaming” campaigns — the propaganda is effective in maintaining control over a narrative that reaches both the Chinese diaspora overseas as well as the domestic populations of the countries being targeted by these campaigns — which can lead to increased feelings of wholesale distrust in institutions and government at a time when maintaining relative calmness among the public is critical.

CGTN, COVID-19: Why is Italy the most affected country outside Asia?

Last note:

From the very first post in ‘The Farm’ series — we have stressed that systemic manipulation of the internet (the “B” in the BGY program) is a key element of the CCP’s strategy.

A simple Google search of ‘china bubonic plague’ yields something strange. Little comment on this bizarre rediscovery — besides this:

“Highly Suspicious”

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3 months ago

CCP: Virus comes from CIA.
CCP: Virus comes from Italy.
CCP: Virus comes from outspace…