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3 months ago

i saw a video from Italy, taken by a security camera of a company, shown two asian males with saliva on hand and touch every door handles of parked cars in the middle of night. they did not try to open the door but simply swiping on it. your guess may be right!

3 months ago

May God Bless you Miles and all innocent Chinese people .
Get this mess arround the CCP Virus cleared and where it started.
Why it was hidden so long and why innocent peope all over the World had been infected and killed.
The Truth always comes out, no way out.
The World will investigate after the biggest mess is over.
Where was Mr.ZERO….?
Or are there several Mr.Zeros send arround the World to create a lot of dust , so that no one can see the clear lights?
……a lot of roads lead to Rome, yes.!
GB the World.