Guinean President Condé Collapses, The CCP’s Iron Ore Dream May Be Shattered

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

On September 5, a military coup occurred in Guinea, and President  Condé was detained. Since coming to power on November 7, 2010, Condé has actively embraced the CCP’s “One Belt, One Road” colonial policy and has developed close economic cooperation with the CCP. Guinea has many mineral resources, large reserves, wide distribution, and great potential for mining value. The annual supply of bauxite exceeds half of China’s total imports. More importantly, the southeast part of the country has the world’s largest reserves and the highest quality Simandou iron ore. China’s demand for iron ore is huge, and it needs to import 1 billion tons every year. The largest importer has been Australia before. However, with the political and military confrontation between China and Australia, as well as the escalation of trade disputes, the CCP has increased its investment. It listed the Guinea iron ore project as a “strategic priority” and used the “BGY Plan” to crowd out and suppress other commercial rivals, and eventually obtained the lead in the development of the Simandou Iron Mine.

The CCP not only enslaves the domestic people but also colonizes viciously, exporting tyranny and evil, controlling and plundering resources, wherever it goes, nothing will grow. After the fall of Condé, the CCP lost an important ally in Guinea, which was a major blow to the CCP. After the coup, the price of bauxite exported from Guinea to China increased as an example. The CCP’s iron ore dream may be shattered.


Proofread by: Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声

Posted by: Eglise Bell 圣母院钟声

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