Prenatal Genetic Testing Kit Suspected of Cooperating with The Military BGI Group Is Investigated by Five Countries

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

Reuters reported that Shenzhen BGI Group, which produces prenatal genetic testing kits, has recently been investigated by the health regulatory authorities of five countries due to its cooperation with the CCP’s military and is suspected of collecting and leaking data. This non-invasive fetal chromosome genetic test kit of BGI can determine whether the fetus has more than 80 abnormal diseases such as Down syndrome, and it is marketed in at least 52 countries around the world. This test is not only one of the most popular prenatal tests in the world, but also the source of BGI’s collection and storage of genetic data. Reuters reported in July that the BGI Group developed and improved this test kit through cooperation with the PLA Military Hospital. It also has close cooperation with the PLA in other research fields.

Among the consent forms that women outside of China filled out and signed before taking this test required their consent to send their blood samples and genetic data to China BGI Group for research use. The privacy policy on the test box website also states that if China’s national security is involved, data can be shared.

The Reuters report has aroused alarm in many countries. In Europe, regulators in Slovenia and Germany stated that they are investigating the matter under EU data protection regulations. The British government’s review of BGI is currently underway, and Canada and Australia are also paying close attention to and investigating the specific situation. At least 8.4 million women worldwide have taken this test.

U.S. government advisers warned in March this year that the large amount of genetic data collected and analyzed by BGI coupled with artificial intelligence may give China an economic and military advantage.


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