Follow the money behind the covid vaccine to see its real agendas

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: JIHO

Miles Guo had nearly 4 hours’ long live broadcasting together with young Whistleblower movement fighters on GTV today. It has been verified again and again that Miles Broadcasting itself is the sword tearing layers of the CCP’s lies until stabbing at the lifeblood to eliminate the evil regime.

People experienced the cruelty of the last catastrophic wars on human history, WWI and WWII, remember the trench killed millions lives in the WWI and the Nazi killed Jewish in gas chambers in millions. And People had clear vision of their enemies and fought to their last breath against Nazi facisism.

Yet the human history has been in the WW3 since the end of 2019, Millions have already been killed and billions have been infected with a virus called Covid-19. In response to this virus, the world economy is struggling and facing the fatal collapse, yet we are still at wonder who has been attacking us, who is the enemy to fight against. While in May 2021, the CCP-linked Peking University professor Chen Ping claimed the “China wins the biological war” on one of  his video clip from the internet.

That’s right, people of the world have been fooled because it is CCP’s unlimited biological warfare that has taken the world unconsciously. “Unconsciously” is not quite the correct word to express this very War because in October 2017, Miles Guo on his very first public press conference in America, warned the world that the black cloud about to cover the sky of the west and the world. We could only regret that no one in the world at that time comprehend his warning, including the west intelligence, world governments and top politicians.

CCP was in its glorious period in 2017, buying the world, wolf diplomats bullying around, splendid facade of prosperity in dictatorship regime China. Who would believe a word that Miles had uttered about the plot which CCP had deployed to overtake the world? CCP survived its 70 odd years of ruling in China with lies:

  • Even before CCP grasped the power in China, CCP lied to the west that once the CCP was in power it would safeguard the people with democracy and freedom. But people’s democratic dictatorship was befell.
  • CCP promised the democracy to China after 1989 Tiananmen massacre when the CCP was facing the Western condemnation. But ended that the CCP would kill again like Tiananmen massacre if it would keep CCP in power for another 20 more years.
  • CCP has promised to comply with the rules and human rights commitment when it entered WTO in 2001. At that time the GDP of China was only 300 million USD. But it proved that WTO provided the perfect platform for CCP’s intellectual property theft of high tech and state capitalism. In 20 years its GDP has raised to the second largest economy entity after the America.
  • In the Sino British Declaration for 1997 HK downfall, CCP promised 50 years the one country two systems, the special status for HK. Yet in 2019 it claimed that the Declaration was the paper of history and forcibly turn HK to a province of mainland China with only one system- CCP’s dictatorship system.

During last four year, the whistle blower movement led by Miles Guo was the only force and voice to expose all the lies of the CCP in the past and CCP’s plot and schemes to rule the world. When Miles’s YouTube channel and twitter account was blocked by the giant social media, the world turned dismissive of our protesting and shouting and now realized that any sensible voice is no where allowed to utter out. Let alone suppressed with the threats of sentence to jail. In this bioweapon warfare launched by CCP on the humanity, the lies told by the CCP and the world evil swamp has extremely put each life in great danger.

The whistle blower movement revealed the fact that the CCP has created a serial of virus in CCP’s military Wuhan labs, which in fact has been verified by the intelligence since Trump administration, yet till today the world has not yet clearly condemn the CCP as the origin of the virus, but all the governments and big tech media has been unanimously promote vaccine. How could any effective vaccine be developed without identifying the origin of the virus? It seemed that during this pandemic (bio war), common sense has stopped its function.

Miles Guo told the world beginning of 2021 that the CCP created the coronavirus and also had the antidote. On August 30 Miles Guo obtained the confidential information that one of the antidotes is Artemisinin. Thanks to the GTV, Gnews and Gettr that these information had been reached to billions of people. Now the protests against vaccine mandate have been in many countries.

Last week Miles and the whistle blower movement fighters have been disclosed the real danger of vaccine and the real money behind the vaccine. It may be too complicated to comprehend the plot behind the vaccine scheme, but look at these intricate connections Miles revealed today to see real handler of all the vaccines in the world, the CCP’s Ping An Group, LuFax, Tun Kung Company Limited Vanguard and

  • Teacher Retirement system of Texas
  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board,
  • Stat of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D
  • New York State Common Retirement Fund
  • California Public Employees Retirement System
  • Ontario teachers Pension Plan Board

With these information, one could understand why we have been coerced to take the vaccine so fiercely. Because it is the vaccine that the provoker of this biological warfare CCP targeting at. It would realize two main agendas:

  • Mass slaughtering the world population
  • mRNA in all the vaccine is to input 40 trillion spike proteins into your body, which either cause the clots in the blood vessels or resulted in various kind of obstructions, such as myocardial obstruction, cerebral obstruction, etc;

 the metal graphene in the vaccine is acting as the conduct for the future AI manipulating the human NDA.

Once human beings were turned into such zombies, CCP and its swamp partners’ globalization and great reset mission completed.

  • Link of Miles Guo live broadcasting September 5:
  • link of Chen Ping on”China wins the biological war”:
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