Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 5th, 2021

Translator: GBW

In the live broadcast on September 5, Mr. Miles Guo said that HNA exposed the corruption within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while Lufax exposed the corruption of the CCP and the West as a whole. Every share of Lufax is a record of the CCP’s BGY (Blue-Internet, Gold-Money, Yellow-Sex). Below are the highlights of the live broadcast.

Today we focus on Ping An Group and Lufax. If Ping An is like a house, we have walked around it, but not yet touched the walls, let alone entered the front door and bedroom, which has a lot going on.

The sperm of the unvaccinated people is worth a lot of money.

In the past, I talked about sperm and eggs on live broadcast led to a lot of name-calling, and many supporters in China said that I shouldn’t make such a joke. Today, looking at the Ma Rui rape case and my message again, the fellow fighters are making a lot of money. My sperm was worth about $50,000 back in the day. Today I’m unvaccinated against Covid and what is the sperm of a 47 to 51 years old worth? A supporter broke the news that his fund invested $2 billion in sperm banks at the time. A short 1000 days later,  the investment is worth $50 billion. An egg of a Danish woman with no genetic defects went up 3,000 times in price. The sperm of a president’s family has gone up 10,000 times. The CCP started to force Tibetans to donate sperm in 2016. Four out of five of our scientists have taken a stand and don’t want a single Himalaya Coin. They think this life following the Whistleblowers Movement is enough. One said healthy sperm and eggs will become the scarcest things for human beings and this is the greatest treasure given to you by the Whistleblowers Movement.

Scientists tell me that even if the CCP releases new viruses, they will be coronaviruses from the same series. Remember, artemisinin, ivermectin, dexamethasone, oxytetracycline, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc are the necessary medicines to fight the CCP virus. These few medicines will eradicate the virus. But if you’re re-infected, the cells will be so badly damaged that it is impossible to recover and the person is basically half dead, with possible brain damage and inability to enjoy sex again. Also, artemisinin is effective for those who have had one shot of the vaccine, but not the second or third shot. With the sperm and egg story, we can see the power and value that the Whistleblowers Movement has brought to humanity, and no words can describe its greatness.

How Mr. Miles Guo Learned about Artemisinin

How I got to know artemisinin is very shocking and is the accumulation of credit from the Whistleblowers Movement over the four years and the belief that only the truth prevails. A supporter said that when Big Head Lude lied that Mr. Guo was sent by Xi Jinping, he had to come forward. They sent a video of my mother’s send-off eulogy, which was then passed on to Big Head Lude, who used it for the CCP’s propaganda, not realizing that it had a more positive impact in China. They did us the biggest favor by faking it. When this video was circulated in China, some smart supporter said, Guo Wengui is the greatest filial son I have ever met in my life, even the eulogy is so romantic. He said Guo is well clothed and fed and still came forward to destroy the Communist Party, so he chose to believe me. When you are real, you are like an energy absorption field, and all the shells and bullets coming at you become energy. He believed that Covid vaccination would bring destruction of the nation and humanity, so this scientist had to stand up. He said politicians are not as great as we think. The scientist is a soldier. He visited Chernobyl and it woke him up.

The Chernobyl Revelation

The Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred in 1986. The official death toll was 37. The UN put it at 150,000 to 200,000. The area of nuclear radiation was much larger. I studied the accident carefully. I had just finished drinking with Gorbachev at the time, and he said Chernobyl was the direct cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Chernobyl” was a very well made film about the evil of the system, but there was no mention of the corruption and lies. This disaster was caused by the corruption of the entire country. Construction work was cut to save money and 40% of it was affected by corruption. One fellow fighters said that the only entrepreneur or official he had ever met who could tell the Chernobyl story from beginning to end was Guo Wengui. He said that the Whistleblowers Movement saved so many people and he was very grateful. The Chernobyl nuclear accident is the best case to understand the history and bureaucracy.

The best quality artemisinin is produced in the United States.

I’ll visit a place in about two weeks. Kentucky is by far the best source of artemisinin for humans. There is another plant worth more than artemisinin growing in the United States. I have arranged for people to go over there, and a large team of doctors and medical experts will follow. Four of the five artemisinin producers are in the United States and Canada. Artemisinin is definitely worth many times more than poppies and big tobacco. This medicine not only treats coronaviruses, but many diseases as well. Tu Youyou said “Artemisinin is a gift from the Chinese to the world.” You must understand this sentence. Artemisinin has a big secret, but unfortunately the CCP doesn’t allow it to be told. Artemisinin will be a big industry in the future.

Where is the godfather of Chinese people?

Avant is the godfather of music in black community. Not many people understand him. He protected black people in America and produced countless stars. The Michael Jackson lawsuit was coordinated by him and he was the gangster of gangsters. The first highway in America was built by Chinese from Fujian, and you’ll understand if you’ve been to Utah. I like Bannon because he loves our nation and knows our history. Bruce Lee is definitely the best of the Chinese in Hollywood. Many Chinese are famous by marrying white people, but most get money and fame and then ignore the Chinese; the others are marrying white people while hooking up with the communists. There are no overseas Chinese who can genuinely represent the interests of the Chinese people. A Polish man made the most awesome sculpture of WWII. Szukalski created such great sculptures as “The Struggle”. He personally dissected his favorite father. A man who has not dissected a human being cannot be a sculptor. A man who has not experienced life and death cannot be a virologist. A man who has not experienced the disasters and tribulations of the world cannot be a hero of the world.

The Rescue Mission in the Bahamas

We rescued a family of our fellow fighters in the Bahamas. Our Rule of Law Foundation took on a huge price and risk. The family were locked up with drug dealers in the Bahamas, and they could be killed. This family invested $500,000 in G-Series, but our rescue costs have exceeded $3 million. We will rescue our fellow fighters at any cost. This is an amazing rescue! There’s no second Chinese rescue of Chinese ever. And the scientist knew about it, hearing about it before he fled China. From this incident I know that the phony pro-democracy activists are all communist spies. At that time David with Covid in the hospital  directed the rescue, but he did not even tell the story. David asked the Chairman of the Himalaya Exchange to mail him the medicines, but the chairman was determined to deliver it in person. David’s not good at express that much of the story wasn’t told. The scientist said when he knew I could save the family, he told his daughter that it was time to leave instead of waiting to die. That’s why he decided to leave China. This scientist doesn’t believe in America. He said the truth about Chernobyl is unknown to everyone to this day and humans are very stupid.

The Big Truck Strike

Some of the people inside Ba Bao Shan cemetery are our fellow fighters. The supporter who arranged for my mother’s cremation at that time had also come to the United States right here in Kentucky. Last year I said on the boat that I was waiting for my fellow fighters, and that was his whole family. 

To support the Hong Kong Movement, I donated HK$600 million. The Big Truck Movement in the United States is learning from our operation in Hong Kong. I am definitely the inventor of the Big Truck Movement. 

One has to be virtuous and do good. In the four years of the Whistleblowers Movement, it’s been tested. We’ve rescued thousands of Hong Kong people. Would a communist spy do that? Can they tell you the truth about vaccines? Would spies tell you about artemisinin? From Big Head Liar Lude, we can find out a person’s ability to discern good and evil and if they have faith. The Whistleblowers Movement is great, but some people would never become our fellow fighters. Fellow fighters shouldn’t send me meaningless messages because it will drown out a lot of important communications, like the last rescue mission was delayed by half a day. Any small decision of the Whistleblowers Movement is a matter of life, even the fate of humanity.

The Young People of the Whistleblowers Movement

The vast majority of our supporters don’t really understand the Whistleblowers Movement and are completely unsure of themselves. After I mentioned the show “I, the Hero Voice” during the live broadcast, Helen, who started following the movement at nine yrs old, joined the music show. She is the future of the Whistleblowers Movement. Her future is prospective. This is not my Movement alone, and I can’t destroy the Communist Party alone. I hope all kinds of people will come forward, together take down the CCP,  and show the CCP how happy we are and how much we have grown. 

Common Sense About Artemisinin

Why did the price of artemisinin around the world skyrocket overnight? Now that domestic artemisinin is available for purchase, some people ask if artemisinin doesn’t work anymore. It’s of no use to have money if the person has such a perception. The Communist Party never tells the truth. Read the CCP’s words by reversing its meaning. Just like Chernobyl, you can’t believe every word officials said. Why did the communists liberalize artemisinin, because they couldn’t stop it. The largest artemisinin production is not in China, but in the US and Canada. Artemisinin is useless as long as it has been fertilized with chemicals. Artemisinin contains over 200 million molecules and the same of vaccines. My runny nose was from that one vaccine. At the time I said I had a headache because of the safflower oil. My fellow fighters said that knowing my health physician  is very good. My allergy is due to a strong immune system. It’s called common sense ,we should trust science.

To Make Poor Fellow Fighters Rich First

Just now a fellow fighters says the CCP has deeply infiltrated Kentucky. The congressman said the future source of income is artemisinin. The CCP will be overthrown eventually. My first plan of private placement at the time was not GTV. Due to the changing situation, the GTV private placement was launched first and shows me that so many people believe it, and the investors are all donors to the Rule of Law Foundation. The investors’ money is insignificant, but their trust in the Whistleblowers Movement means more. Not many fellow fighters can come up with tens of millions. I want poor supporters to get rich first so they don’t have to kneel down because of money. My wife orders the same meals for our family staff and bodyguards as mine. Our fellow fighters are so good but so poor, so I want to make them rich. And we must not put our hands in our supporters’ pockets to cheat money. Big Head Lude and Snake Demon Yan, for that little reward and advertising fee, lost their conscience, because they are too poor to have faith. They are short-sighted .

Destruction of the CCP requires a good plan.

Wang Qishan’s life and death doesn’t matter to me at all. What I want is to destroy the Communist Party. Why did I expose HNA first, then Minsheng, Wu Xiaohui, Pony Ma and Jack Ma? It takes a whole set of plans to destroy the CCP. It will lead to a disaster without a good strategy. HNA is the craziest fraud syndicate, Wang Jian is just a victim, Wang Qishan and Chen Feng are the key persons, and Guan Jun is just an illegitimate child. There are too many illegitimated children of the CCP’s officials. Exposing them is just a tactic.

Kerry’s Visit to China

Kerry will visit China soon. He ran for president many times, and his father was  the governor of Kentucky. Kerry’s best friends are Obama, Biden, and Tony Blair. The Democrats are either fearful or enemies of the Communists. What does Kerry want to do in China? First, he will bring personal messages on behalf of Biden. The diplomatic conference between countries we saw through the cameras are all fake; Second, the US is unsure about the truth of the virus; Third, the economy; Fourth, Afghanistan and whether there will be a war with Taiwan. They won’t talk about the Beijing Stock Exchange. The US politicians are too short-sighted and thinks about personal matters only. Kerry’s visit to China will only hurt the US. Make sure not to follow them into the trap. The most important thing to read is intelligence and diplomatic language, then common sense.

Every share of Lufax is a record of BGY and a bomb.

Ping An Group’s biggest funds came from the European Pension Fund, along with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Vanguard Group, son of Wan Long of Shuanghui Group, and the Wen family’s Dinghui Group. Take a look at my Lufax PPT, a summary of public information. Pay attention to the names of these people. The tricks are here. The “others” in the shareholders list must be carefully studied. Ji Kuisheng is at the same level as Liu Chengjie. These people are all powerful and should be well understood. Yang Ruisheng has no photo. Zhang Xudong is not an ordinary person. Lufax has $3 billion in operating income which is rare in the West. Tun Kung holds 39% of shares, registered in BVI; Tongjun Investment holds 15.5% of shares, registered in BVI. Check out these two companies. A 0.5% of the ownership in Lufax is enough to remove a US president from the White House . Yao Jun, Dou Wenwei and Shi Jingkui are all powerful people. All shareholder changes were controlled and designated under a unified instruction. Each shareholding change is a record of BGY. No share is ordinary. Take a good look at the shareholding changes in July and August of 2021. Each share will be a bombshell to the economic world in the future. I will explain each share to you.

The pension funds that invest in Lufax include the Canadian Pension, Teacher Retirement System of Texas, State of New Jersey Pension Fund, New York State Common Retirement Fund, California Public Employees Retirement System, and Ontario Teachers Pension. These investments are the viruses and bombs in the Western economy. The institutions with the most stock holdings in Lufax are Capital Research Global Investors, Capital World Investors, Bailie Gifford and Company, Vanguard, Farallon Capital, BlackRock, Caas Capital, Drane Funds Advisors, Alliance Bernstein, and State Street Corporation. This world is really too dark. We can look at the financing history of Lufax. The curve shown in this financial chart is absolutely abnormal. P2P platform is a 100% political and economic fraud. Lufax is all about trapping you and playing politics. Shanghai Xiongguo, Shanghai Huikang, Shenzhen Ping An, etc. under Lufax are controlled by the people trusted by Ma Mingzhe. Ma Mingzhe is doomed to die because of Lufax.

Wealth has to match your virtue.

It’s not easy to make money in finance by the Whistleblowers Movement. Look how the CCP plays with capital. HNA was built over twenty years waiting for a chance to rapidly rise in just three years. Lufax waited 30 years and took half a lifetime to get to where it is today. How is Minsheng Bank’s Dong Wenbiao doing today? He hitched a ride on his own kids to become a shareholder. We have a Himalaya Exchange that didn’t exist in this world before. If anyone tries to get billions of dollars overnight, it will surely be a disaster. We can’t be as crazy as the communists who are on the road to be destroyed. You have to have the ability to manage your wealth when you have it. You have to know the serious consequences of flaunting your wealth. If the wealth does not match your virtue, it must be a disaster. Many of our fellow fighters will be rich, but I don’t want you to become corpses in the money pit. I like supporters who are generous and live their lives in a decent manner. They won’t go on to do evil things when they have wealth. Many people who have wealth end up exhausting themselves after they have luxury houses and many wives. Lufax hijacked half the world’s wealth and pension funds, and it wants to bring everyone with it on the road to death.

Mr. Guo’s whistleblowing was met with ridicule and contempt.

When I just came forward to whistleblow, the ridicule and contempt the West had for me was heartfelt. If you can’t take it, it’s impossible to keep going. When I spoke to the Western bigwigs back then, I said that the planes that HNA gave them were the hard-earned money of the Chinese people. They were so contemptuous of me that they wanted to end their call with me immediately. Regretting having the meeting, they told me not to talk about the detail of our meeting. Three out of the six people at the meeting are now dead. I was thinking they were all about to die, and I was really despising them.

Fellow fighters must remember not to ask Westerners what they do after retirement. Retirement is considered a death sentence for them. Before 2019 Bannon and those lawmakers were totally ignorant of China. The world needs the Whistleblowers Movement so much. Americans can’t even discern the Chinese Communist Party from the Chinese people. Movies make those politicians and great men look great, but in fact they are very narrow-minded. It’s not only the Poles who are jealous, so are the Chinese and the Westerners. 

Figure out the trajectory of Lufax and HNA, and you can see clearly the financial plans of the Communist Party for these decades. You can see why Wu Xiaohui ended up like this. Ma Mingzhe is the real Goldman Sachs of China, who is playing politics in the world. Only by reading these you can truly have faith, and you can properly understand wealth and enjoy the wealthy. I want my fellow fighters to become rich, to think about sex properly, and to enjoy music. Art will not ruin a person. We have to have faith and enjoy art to live a good life.

Fellow fighters must improve their ability of  actions.

Fellow fighters have to have empathy when they do anything. You can’t take the respect of others as your own success. You have to cherish the respect others have for you. We can’t take our live broadcast as entertainment. I also would like to rest more and enjoy my life with my family, but I want to do everything to exterminate the CCP. We can talk about life and music only after taking down the CCP. Fellow fighters must increase your ability to take actions. Like Brother Caogeng who sent me the least  messages and did the most work. That’s why he’s in the Iron Blood Group. Don’t go pitying a random person. We need to be strong, have strong hearts, and have basic discernment and awareness of good and evil, not illusions. When you have wealth, are you able to keep it? That’s all what matters.

Ma Mingzhe plays with the finance of the world.

HNA plays fraud, while Ma Mingzhe plays with the finance of the world. Everyone else is cheating money by selling high, while Ma Mingzhe is making money by selling low. He is one of the top 10 people in the world who can come up with $100 billion USD in cash, or even $300-400 billion USD. He’s playing with the world’s pension funds. We’ll talk about the relationship between vaccines and Ping An, and  Ma Mingzhe is the first who laid out the plans. Anyone who took a loan from Ma Mingzhe was the equivalent of taking human corpse pills. Ma Mingzhe has influence in the financial markets in the US and can manipulate Lufax to go public in three weeks.

There is no loyalty here, only betrayal and profit.

Since Jing Tian is now our supporter, we’ll leave her out of this for now. At this moment our fellow fighters are with the President of Brazil, and the other fellow fighters in Japan are with the next Prime Minister. We’re collaborating with at least four state leaders , and that’s the power of our Whistleblower Movement. The Nine-Fingered Sara, Big Head Liar Lude, and Snake Demon Limeng Yan were in the same boat with us until they betrayed us. We wouldn’t  have thought they would attack us the way they are today? All emperors and politicians in the world have to experience betrayal. There is no such thing as being in the same boat in this world, only genital relations and common interests. There is no loyalty here, but betrayal and interest. What I’m building in the future has something to do with human sperm and eggs. Sperm and eggs of those unvaccinated and uninfected with Covid are the most valuable assets. A supporter who only loves money is not the noblest fellow fighter. Art, spirituality, faith, virtue, and having self-control is the human ecology I want to pursue and build.

The impact of the fall of Ma Mingzhe will exceed that of Chernobyl.

True Chinese entrepreneurs are able to play all aspects of politics, economics, culture and ethics. Ma Mingzhe and Liu Chuanzhi are the most capable people, but Ma Mingzhe is very petty and takes money too seriously. The family of the current U.S. president met with Ma Mingzhe first for dinner before meeting with the Chinese Premier Minister. Ma Mingzhe and I have not introduced anyone to each other. We both know each other’s weight. We are both treading water without leaving a trace. I am the one who managed to walk across the river, while he did not. Ma Mingzhe is going to be killed because he played too big and too deep. The problem with Ma Mingzhe is the aftermath of his demise, which will bring far more impact and disaster than the Chernobyl.

Closing Remarks

Chernobyl showed us the ignorance of mankind. Officials all tell lies and people believe them, just like the lies from Big Head Lude of today, which won’t stop. These liars will not change, so I will not give them any chance. The Whistleblower Movement is doing altruistic things every second, telling the truth about vaccines, viruses, and showing everyone the economic crisis and the nature of US-China relations. Let’s not stand for profit. Let’s get our minds right and be kind to others. What you want and makes you exist is the way of righteousness. All people are immortal, without birth or death.

Everything I have done is by Divine revelation, enlightenment and the mission. I have not taken a single penny from China and started from scratch overseas to achieve my vision. No human being can do it by talking, but by wisdom and action. Everything I achieved after being released from prison is a result of action. Before I started the Whistleblower Movement, I hardly appeared in public. No person, organization or institution does not reach out to others for money, except me and the  our Whistleblower Movement, and we will make our fellow fighters rich! No one explained in their live broadcast the significance of me not bringing a penny from China. I am the only one who came overseas before learning English. Today I can speak like this, don’t you think I am great? It’s not easy for me to keep exercising and I believe I will be able to destroy the CCP. I don’t need anything now. I have experienced everything. Now you can ask yourselves if you really believe in the Whistleblower Movement, and what you can do for it. The Whistleblower Movement has gone from the era of one man fighting the CCP to the era of a group of supporters. There must will be countless “Miles Guo”, otherwise it would not be the Whistleblower Movement. HNA exposed the corruption within the Chinese Communist Party, while Lufax is about the corruption of the Communist Party and the West . We’re going to break that lie, which is the key point of today’s broadcast!

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live video.)

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