The Firewall of Beijing’s Economy Is Getting Higher

September 5th, 2021

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A report from Zero Hedge on September 4, 2021 stated that the China Securities Regulatory Commission will tighten restrictions on companies seeking overseas listings. China is hoping that this will attract the foreign investors to participate in China’s onshore futures market.

This was made apparent in a speech by PRC’s deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China at the China International Finance Annual Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

We have already seen what happened to DiDi Global Inc., a newly listed China Concepts Stock in the New York Stock Exchange that plummeted right after China interfered. Now, the CCP will be openly tightening all types of financial institutions, services and products under its centralized ‘supervision framework.’

It is evident that Beijing is preparing for decoupling from the West. Looking at Tesla’s recent struggle in the China market, and the implementation of these new totalitarian restrictions, foreign companies that are still interested in investing in the China market should seriously reconsider.

To read the source, please click : China’s Financial Regulators Pledge Tighter Control Of Economy, Closure Of “Loopholes”

Author: Alexandra| PR: TCC

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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Mr cow
1 month ago

Take down the evil CCP, bring down the firewall.

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