The Taliban Says That Communist China will Become Afghanistan’s “Most Important Partner”

Translated by: MOS Translation Team — Xuequyuan

In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Taliban spokesman Mujahid said the new Taliban-led government was seeking infrastructure investment and that Communist China would be Afghanistan’s “most important partner.”

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Due to the terrorist organization’s nature, lack of credibility, and consistent brutality, the United States and other Western countries imposed severe economic sanctions on the Taliban and froze billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s reserves. The CCP has clearly become an important source of funding for the Taliban due to its funding shortfalls and a potential economic crisis. Mujahid believes that Afghanistan’s rich copper mines could be re-operated and modernized with the investment of the CCP. Through the CCP’s “One Belt and One Road,” the Taliban can carry a channel to the world, and the CCP can increase its global influence. The continued opening of the Chinese Embassy in Kabul indicates that the CCP recognizes the Taliban government.

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