G Times: The contradiction between universal education and totalitarian control

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Translation: Una

The history of universal education for mankind is less than 200 years old.

Prior to this, education was the right of the privileged class, while the ordinary people did not have the opportunity to receive it.

In 1917, the vernacular movement was started after the publication of “Literature Reform” by Hu Shi in the “New Youth” magazine. That is the well-known New Culture Movement, it thereafter has accelerated the promotion of education among the Chinese ordinary people. 

In the ancient Chinese private school, the students basically cannot learn by themselves without a teacher’s guidance because firstly you have to learn how to break the sentences and then read. There are no punctuation marks in ancient Chinese articles, and the predecessors had to rely on their own sentence breaks to read. So, without punctuation and teacher’s guidance, self-study is a little bit difficulty.

For example: there used to be a young master from a rich family who wanted to marry a beautiful woman. One day, he received a letter from a matchmaker describing a woman’s appearance: “The feet are not big, there are no pockmarks in the hair”. The young master thought that he would marry a beauty with “small feet, good hair, and no pockmarks”. He was very happy. On the day of wedding, he found that his wife was an ugly woman, so he asked the matchmaker to give him some explanations. The matchmaker shouted and said that she didn’t lie: “I told you a long time ago, this woman has bad feet, no hair, pockmarks. It’s you who added the wrong punctuation, so how can you blame me”?

In the past, education needs special right, money and time. You don’t have to go to work because you have other labors in the family. The intellectuals are always full of old words while talking, so it’s very easier to know who is educated and who is the civilians.

Therefore, in order to promotion education for civilians, Hu Shi proposed the New Culture Movement: teachers or educators should not talk the old words, and need spread the culture and knowledge in the easier way that the ordinary people can understand as much as possible. Only after breaking through the language barriers can education be popularized.

At that time, Hu Shi put forward eight propositions such as “not imitating ancients”, “no allusions”, “no couplet”, “no idioms”, and clearly advocated the use of Chinese vernacular. He also said: “Vernacular literature is the classical style of Chinese literature, and  I am sure that it is a must-have weapon for future literature”.

At that time, many people “can’t get used to” the vernacular style and took the opposite way. This is because the four-class people system of “Talent, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce” has been put forward since the Spring and Autumn Period in “Guan Zi”, and it has been more than two thousand years. “Mental labors  are the governors, while manual laborers are being ruled”, such thought was deeply rooted. Knowledge is the privilege of the powerful people, and it is not easy to share it with the common people.

At that time, Hu Shi was a teacher at the Peking University. In a public lecture, he said that the vernacular was more succinctly than the ancient. A student raised a rebuttal, so Hu Shi asked a question on how to reject the Secretary of the Executive Yuan and draft a telegram. The student used ancient Chinese and Hu used the vernacular, depending on who used fewer words. The answer given by the student was: “I’m not so talented, I’m afraid it’s hard to do the job, I’m overwhelmed”! It used more than 10 words. Hu Shi’s answer was only six words: “I can’t do it, thank you”. 

Of course, just because of brevity is not the reason for Hu Shi to promote the vernacular. The most important thing is to make education not exclusive to the ruling class. You can speak the old words or idiom, but the ordinary people don’t understand it. Only by changing the way of communication can culture be popularized. When most people have the opportunity to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, the quality of the entire nation can be improved thoroughly.

The history of modern universal education is more than 100 years in China, and less than 200 years in the western countries. Therefore, the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom of the entire human are limited. So far, there are still civilians in many places without the right to be educated, such as the impoverished areas of the CCP, Afghan women controlled by the Taliban, African countries, and some countries controlled by extremist religions.

It is very simple to eliminate the factor of poverty. Because of the need to well control, the ruling class does not want the people to acquire knowledge. Just like Mao Zedong’s saying: the more knowledge, the more reactionary, and the intellectuals are not easy to control and do not surrender in their mind. This is the irreconcilable contradiction between universal education and totalitarian control.

Even today in the 21st century, education in many western democracies is controlled by the elite. In order to realize the spiritual blockade, restriction and control of people, education does not popularize logic and social psychology, do not teach children common sense, and do not cultivate people’s abilities of questioning, independent or logical thinking. The ultimate goal of education is to fool, enslave and domesticate people.

Fooling: let the people become ignorant, only have short-term benefits, completely fall into material desires, and lose their spiritual pursuits.

Enslavement: willing to work for money, fame and fortune.

Domestication: follow the fate, do whatever the elite need to do, without innovation, personality, or assertiveness, and dare not defend the basic rights.

Why does the Left want to control the American education system? Why does the CCP brainwash children since childhood?

This is because education is like a production line, and children are the products on this assembly procedure. Education determines the attributes of this batch of “products” through “raising” them with different spiritual foods.

Remember those Chinese students interviewed by the Australian self-media reporter AVI?

They love communism and believe that the CCP has done nothing wrong in the Hong Kong incident. It’s fine to persecute religious beliefs and also to persecute freedom of speech. If the government does bad things to the people, they can’t protest (If you protest, other people will also do it, so you can’t—this is their logic).

They are dressed stylishly with delicate makeup, chewing gum and don’t care anything… This is the humanoid garbage, mobile shit machine, and empty-headed product produced by the CCP.

Look at those American liberals and Antifa, they beat, smashed and looted during the pandemic, wantonly destroyed the statue of the founding father, stepped the human rights on the soles of their shoes, and demanded the removal of police. They thought they were cool, but in fact, they are just a group of thugs and idiots, they are like the Red Guards during the CCP’s Cultural Revolution.

So, why should we attach importance to education?

If we hope that human civilization can continue, if we hope that mankind will not perish so quickly, we must comprehensively promote the right way and universal values through education.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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