Australia’s hacking bill will greatly expand the government’s power to monitor network information

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On Wednesday, Australia took a key step in the government’s intervention in citizens’ freedom of speech and expansion of network surveillance rights. The “hacking” bill aimed at granting three new powers to the federal government was passed by the Senate on the basis of amendments proposed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

These three new powers include: First, the power to interrupt data, which gives the police the ability to interrupt data by modifying, copying, adding, or deleting data.

Those who refuse to obey may be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The second is the power to guarantee network activities, allowing AFP and ACIC to collect intelligence from equipment or networks used or likely to be used by individuals of suspects (subject to arrest warrants).

The third is the power of account takeover, which allows institutions to control citizens’ online accounts in order to collect investigation information.

The bill is currently awaiting signature and approval by the prime minister. Once the signature takes effect, the two law enforcement agencies, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), will soon have the right to modify, add, copy or delete online data.

Opponents believe that the left-wing parties are working together to lead Australia to a surveillance country. To make matters worse, data interruption and network activity orders can be issued by a judge of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal rather than a judge from the high court. At present, no other country in the five eye alliance has granted its law enforcement agencies the same power.

At present, with the help of the Chinese Communist virus epidemic, more and more countries are expanding government power and restricting citizens’ freedom and rights. The Australian government recently announced that the future epidemic prevention work will follow the “four-stage plan”, including vaccine passports, which has been strongly opposed by the people.

Today, the adoption of the “hacker” bill will give the government the right to control the internet and further limit citizens’ right to freedom of speech.


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