Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 1st, 2021

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In this broadcast on September 1, 2021, David shared his experience after contracting Covid. Mr. Miles Guo discussed the essence of the CCP’s cultural movement.

David’s Experience of Fighting Covid

Mr. Miles Guo: Today is a sacred and solemn day. We have many ways to destroy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but we have never thought of using our own lives to experience Covid and to take down the CCP. Brother David lived through Covid with his own life. He was hospitalized in the emergency. Before he was admitted to the hospital he kept on broadcasting, and did not tell me that he was infected. Then he couldn’t fight it anymore and I found out about it. I rushed to inform people to bring him medicine. Our fellow fighters gave that new medicine to David as fast as they could. Zhuoma couple risked their lives to deliver medicine and food to David in hospital. 80% of David’s lungs were already infected and the medicine saved his life. Western hospitals can only give you oxygen and nothing else. David felt the complete difference between experiencing the infection himself and hearing about someone else’s illness. When David was sick, the CCP propagandists spread the rumor that David was paid off to go back to China. People should not take any chances. The doctors were amazed that he survived. It was David’s physical condition and will to destroy the communists that allowed him to survive by a stroke of luck. Taking medication may work but not absolutely. It is best not to get infected and we reiterate that all antidotes are not 100% effective.

David: All of Brother Seven’s (Miles Guo) revelations are true. It’s a miracle that I survived the infection, and I was prepared for the worst. Hospitals in the UK don’t have any treatment except to put you on oxygen. I had already handed over all my Himalaya Farm work at the time, as well as having given my last words to my family. I want to share here today the details of how I felt, how my heart changed and how I was treated while lying in the hospital. 

I started having a fever on August 6, which started out as a common cold. I tested positive in the office on August 8. The lesson I learned was that I did not take medications such as hydroxychloroquine sulfate as prescribed to prevent the virus. I had a straight up fever.  Immediately after testing positive I told my colleague that I would be in quarantine. I continued to do live broadcast because I took hydroxychloroquine sulfate and thought it was manageable. I held out for 6 days until the night of the 13th when I couldn’t hold out anymore. My blood oxygen level dropped to 77, no different from death, and I could go into cardiac arrest at any moment. So I went to the hospital. I was trying to hold on and not talk about it, one because I didn’t want to cause trouble for Brother Seven, and another because I didn’t want to be used by the CCP propagandists. I was very weak with a headache and muscles all over my body felt like they were not mine, so I called an ambulance. I reached the hospital at 2pm on August 14. The day after I was admitted to the hospital I received the medicine that Brother Seven gave me. After taking it, I never had a fever again, which was a miracle.

Mr. Miles Guo: The medicine that David got was a special one that we had for the G-Series investors. David was the sixth person to get this.

David: Aug 13th, 14th and 15th were the most important three days of my life, a time when my breathing was very weak and Brother Seven was encouraging and comforting.

Mr. Miles Guo: I was really not comforting you. I arranged at that time for the chairman of our Himalaya Exchange to deliver the medicine and for Wang Yanping to keep an eye on the matter. The chairman of the Himalaya Exchange who delivered the medicine said, “I am confident that David will be fine and we will save him.” I messaged David and said, “You’re going to be fine! Because we have the medicine!” I was absolutely confident that I would get David back. A Western tycoon, 80+ years old, survived on this same medicine.

David: The feeling I had was that I believed in Brother Seven on everything, and it warmed my heart.

Mr. Miles Guo: The chairman of the Himalaya Exchange is great. He could have sent his driver to deliver the medicine but he didn’t. He delivered it himself. You should be so thankful for this fellow fighter.

David: Every message from Brother Seven is most precious to me.

Mr. Miles Guo: The chairman also has a family, and the fact that he personally drove late at night and risked his life to deliver medicine shows that he is sincere in his treatment of our fellow fighters. The feeling of going through the door of death can only be experienced firsthand. My wife asked me every day about David’s condition after she heard about his infection, and she prayed for our sick fellow fighters everyday. I believe in all Buddhas and all gods, and heaven is justice. David has been following the Whistleblower Movement for the past few years. Our Himalaya Exchange chairman and fellow fighters are willing to pray for you. The love and care for David from every fellow fighters is unique to our New Federal State of China (NFSC). Good people must be rewarded and must be cherished by all.

David: Thanks to Brother Changdao, Lao Ban Zhang and all my brothers and sisters who cared. It takes hardships to show true feelings. I took the medicine on the 13th. My temperature hasn’t risen since I opened my eyes on the 14th. The doctors couldn’t believe how I was holding up at home with such low blood oxygen. I was on high flow oxygen for a lung infection. I had three people in that room and they were all having a hard time with fevers and shortness of breath while I was getting better and better. I’ve had my sense of taste and smell back since the 15th and the doctors were wondering.

Mr. Miles Guo: I knew David was starting to recover when he wanted to eat meat. Dexamethasone and artemisinin definitely work. Covid’s spike proteins invade every cell, activating all your immunity and then destroying your immune system. Patients like David typically develop pericarditis and myocarditis even if they recover from Covid. David doesn’t have myocarditis or pericarditis because he is in good shape.

David: My feeling is that if it were just oxygen I would not have survived. My brain was in a comatose state. I was actually just a breath of air from death and it was really a miracle that I survived. One doctor came to talk to me and wanted to collect all the data on my treatment in the hospital, and I was willing to share it with them.

Mr. Miles Guo: Brother Changdao was afraid that the medicine would not be delivered, so he sent David the life-saving medicine through two ways.

David: I verified the accuracy of Brother Seven’s information with my own personal experience. The doctors were shocked that I was able to recover so quickly. While the hospital treatment was going on, I was also taking our medications. If I had been half-hearted about these medicines, I would not have taken them on time and I would not have survived. Fellow Fighters must not drop the ball and must take preventative medications on time. I just measured my blood oxygen level. It’s at 98 and I’m fully recovered. Before broadcasting it was all 95.

Mr. Miles Guo: Fellow Fighters,don’t panic after the infection. Mentality is more important than physical treatment. What saved David this time must be his will. As soon as the will becomes weak, it’s over. When you give up your life, God can’t save you.

David: At that time I couldn’t control my breathing, and my muscles were atrophied. The voice that Brother Seven sent me that day was very important, making me feel grounded and very solid after listening to it. I also received care and love from Brother Seven’s wife, my family and fellow fighters. I also started to try to exercise my muscles. I told myself that I couldn’t let the CCP propagandists make fun of me, and I was convinced that I could pull through.

Mr. Miles Guo: David’s experience of Covid should make us feel deeply that if a person is dead, it’s all over. We must all take it seriously. Before David came to the live broadcast, we kept it confidential to protect privacy. One of our Korean brothers went into the hospital due to Covid, and it was the equivalent of waiting to die. We tried everything to get him out of the hospital so he could take ivermectin and dexamethasone, and he is now recovered. South Korea has also started to promote these two medicines, as well as artemisinin. Now Japan, France, Germany, and many countries believe in Brother Seven’s antidote. Artemisinin, dexamethasone, and ivermectin are absolutely life-saving. Any medicines we mentioned should not be taken at the same time, only one at a time. I hope all of our fellow fighters share the evidence that David, Fei Fei and many other fellow fighters have been cured with ivermectin, azithromycin, and dexamethasone, and be sure to tell the doctors our treatment plan. We are saving our fellow fighters and at the same time we are saving all of humanity. Several prosecutors and police officers in China saw David’s live broadcast and cried their eyes out and were very emotional. Our emotions were rich and real. Several of the oldest sisters in China who saw David also cried their eyes out, saying that David suffered so much and that we never lacked emotion or honesty.

What is the difference between a Cultural Revolution and a Cultural Movement?

We need to have an essential understanding of these. Cultural Revolutions are necessary to subvert regimes, and any revolution has to change regimes. Cultural Movements are targeted at a certain area, using one part of the population to subvert another part of the population. Movements are purposeful, but movements do not subvert regimes. The recent events in the entertainment industry are absolutely controlled by Xi Jinping and do not shake the current regime. 

What is a cultural person? Why does Xi want to do something about the cultural people? 

Culture is the mode and standard of living, and cultural people are those who represent these. It’s not about education. It’s about controlling the narrative. The cultural industry accounts for 5% of GDP. The percentage of cultural people in China is not even one in 10,000,  not even as good as Afghanistan. Such a small number of cultural people in China take 5% of GDP, about 80 million to 100 million, which is not allowed by the CCP. The cultural industry has no cost, making a trillion times profits, far more profitable than drug trafficking. It is all high net worth regardless of age and a threat to the CCP. After robbing this group of their wealth, the industry will be given to another group of people and a few families. Next the CCP will raise another group of cultural people, and the scary thing is what kind of people will the next group be. After the reshuffle, it will be a huge disaster for the Chinese. The people in the Zhongnanhai (CCP) have studied it all. Chinese culture is full of envy, jealousy, and hate and everyone wants to sleep with the celebrities. The hatred cultivated by the CCP is everywhere. This time Xi’s cultural movement does not dare to make a big noise, because the army is not fully in his hand. For fear of losing control, Xi is quietly punishing these celebrities. The CCP has taken advantage of the hatred of the Chinese people to make this cultural movement happen, which is a land reform (the CCP robbed landowners during the land reform in the early 1950s) in the human mind. Only a small part of the people are targeted, and it is a targeted crackdown.

What is the purpose of the crackdown on the medical and entertainment industry?

Why did the CCP crack down on the medical industry?Drug stocks are down too. After the CCP cracked down on Didi, they started to hit the medical industry. The GDP of China’s medical industry has reached 1 trillion to 2 trillion, but it is not at all comparable to the West. In the US, the medical industry accounts for 8% to 10% of the GDP and the cultural industry 30% to 40%. By Western standards, China’s medical industry should reach 15% to 20% of the GDP, otherwise there is no social security system. The cultural and medical industries all belong to the old political forces, and Xi Jinping took all of them away. The cultural and medical industries will still exist, but they will just be redistributed. 

The CCP uses the conflict between doctors and patients to crack down on the medical industry. Technically speaking Chinese medical personnel are very great, in fact it is the evil of the system. In North Korea it cost $1000USD for a dental appointment and prescription required a bribe to the doctor. Don’t blame the doctors because they are in a big cesspit and they did it for survive. The CCP cleverly deflected the hate and social conflict away from the communist party to the medical staff and those entertainers. 

This time the CCP got completely high and fucked all the stars and doctors you hate, but they dare not touch CoronaVac, CP Group, and the Jiang family’s businesses. This cultural movement is actually a political struggle of the Communist Party to pack up and sell the mentally undesirable assets. The movement brings no benefit to the people. The price of medicine won’t be lowered, and the CCP will make our future medical care more expensive. The brainwashing of us by future entertainers will be even worse. The essence of this cultural movement is a redistribution of interests, which will be concentrated in a few families. Everyone is a victim that can be sacrificed.

What’s the influence of the Whistleblower Movement?

People who helped Xi execute the cultural movement told me that the north door of Zhongnanhai leads to the State Council, and the west door leads to the secretary’s office. He heard a group of people discussing at the side door and saying that Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement shouldn’t be a matter with just a few tens of thousands of followers, and that he paid people to download his songs. This buddy said he was commissioned to understand the influence of the Whistleblower Movement overseas, and the hit list proves the influence of the Whistleblower Movement around the world, with tens of millions of followers. If Mainland China lets G-Fashion in, it would become the most influential brand for the Chinese overnight. G-Club memberships have the highest starting price and largest number of members in the world on day one.  A minimum of 76 million viewers watched Miles Guo’s last few live streams via VPN. He said that those medicines such as ivermectin and artemisinin were almost sold out in all countries. The room was dumbfounded after listening to it. 

Why is Xi Jinping running a cultural and medical campaign at this time? 

The most terrible thing about the Communist Party is that it does not let you talk about the system. In 2019 we said that the Heilongjiang Political and Legal Committee would be bloodily purged. I asked Lu Hao at the time, and he said that no official above the section level in Heilongjiang would be shot unjustly. Xi said that sooner or later, the Political and Legal Committee of Heilongjiang would be cleaned up, and the public prosecution and law in the northeast were all problems. 

Today our popularity feels like the days of 2017 when our shows were hacked by the CCP, and David returns to the show with full blood. The “two cakes” Xi Jinping got, healthcare and culture, diverted the stupid social conflicts of most people. Xi is telling you that he has the cards in his hand before the 20th Party Congress. The CCP’s recent TV shows and movies are very purposefully programmed and the CCP is secretly instructing who to support. We have to look at the CCP through the eyes of common people. When you look up to the CCP, you lose.

Why is the CCP cleaning up the real estate and financial sector?

Financial and real estate industries can definitely overturn the communist regime. If the CCP wants to firmly protect Evergrande and Xu Jiayin, there will be a big problem in the financial industry. Something happened to Ping An Group, a big player in the financial industry. Ping An is the Goldman Sachs of China. Why would the CCP let these industries get in trouble? Can the CCP withstand the collapse of property and finance? Xi detonated the bomb in cultural, medical, real estate and financial industries before the 20th Party Congress. That’s the big thing.

We don’t mention vaccines when we talk about the healthcare industry because vaccines are not part of the movement. Xi discovered that he didn’t have control over vaccines and who exactly has money in this area? Vaccines reminded Xi to start to crack down on the medical industry earlier. In terms of the financial industry, Xi made the earliest moves on Minsheng Bank and Xiao Jianhua. The first thing was to remove Xiao Jianhua, who was related to two generations of Politburo members. Then came the family revenge. Minsheng Bank’s case led to the discovery of Jia Qinglin’s Bank of Beijing, then the Industrial Bank and the Bank of Shanghai. 

Do you know how many people died in Shanghai, and how many people were arrested from March to May this year in Shanghai? The whole death toll was 3,000 to 5,000 people. That’s why I knew about the Shanghai Electric incident first. This is certainly to make an example of some people to scare others. Regarding the financial and real estate sectors, do not forget Zeng Qinghong, Jiang, and Zhu, as well as Meng Jianzhu of the Political and Legal Committee. The CCP sent those on the death list to the northeast. 

Does the CCP want a fight with the United States? If it wants a quick fight, it dies fast. If it wants a slow fight, it dies slowly.

Why does the CCP want to attack Taiwan?

Xi had to fight Taiwan. Xi is popping the bubble in the financial and real estate sector and concentrating wealth in advance. Once the war starts, it will cover up the real estate and financial collapse. Taking over the cultural and medical industry is a preparation for closing the country. Making people scapegoats of bad asset problems, the police task force itself is an illegal agency. The crackdown on the financial and real estate sectors is putting the blames on some individuals for the evil of the CCP system. Hitting Taiwan covers up everything with nationalism. After the 20th Party Congress Xi will name his own successor, and Brother Seven knows who it is. 

Where is the Anti-Sanctions Bill in Hong Kong now? If the CCP were to pass the bill, it would suffocate itself. Hong Kong is the only avenue for the CCP to breathe. The real estate prices in Hong Kong have not declined at all because the four big families control Hong Kong’s real estate. Hong Kong people should really throw these four big families into the sea.

This is the sorrow of the common people. When the CCP arrests the Political and Legal Committee members, it will surely solidify the army. The communists promised the army promotions, wealth, no arrests, and no killings. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is controlled by the Jiang faction, and it is targeting the people. The Chinese army cannot be touched, and the best protection of the army’s interests is to hide its crimes. The collapse brought about by the whole financial and real estate sectors will be covered up by the war with Taiwan. 

The number of party members who can get rich in Hong Kong is only 100,000 and  the wealth has nothing to do with 90 million party members. Now a passport starts at $10 million. Passports have become the rarest of products. Some people offer $100 million, which is worth trading your entire fortune to get out of China. If you don’t, the whole family has to die.

The New Federal State of China Passport

You can see from the allocation of the Himalaya Coins, how great the NFSC is. 1300 old shareholders are the absolute foundation of our NFSC. All rushed to donate their Himalaya Coins, and hardly anyone left the Whistleblower Movement. This is the foundation of our Whistleblower Movement. Future benefits will all be prioritized to the Rule of Law Foundation donors, old shareholders, and then G-Club members. 

Our 100,000 to 1,000,000 passports program will come from a beautiful island nation. We are building the NFSC universities, security agencies, and art schools etc.there in the future. We have no problem getting 1,000,000 passports at the moment. Some people ask why we are launching the passport program if the Communists will be exterminated. Because even if the CCP is destroyed, the brainwashing of the people is not so easy to correct. Passports are needed for fellow fighters at home and overseas. The island nation wants our fellow fighters to pass the KYC and show a Criminal Record, but it’s impossible to obtain such documents from the CCP, so we will assign for our fellow fighters. You can just have passports or passports and residency. Half of these nice passports go to the fellow fighters in China and half to those in Hong Kong and overseas. It will take a long time for the common people to recover from the CCP’s looting. We must build an environment where we have the strength and will to build a nation and a state. Always remember that only the truth prevails and obey the law. Greece also says they don’t want money as long as we don’t claim sovereignty of the island. As long as it is endorsed by the NFSC, KYC is not required.

Spread the word about David’s experience with Covid.

We need to widely disseminate what David said today about his experience of recovering from Covid, and the experience of Fei Fei, and other infected fellow fighters. We are not engaging in promoting stars on the Internet, we are saving the world. 

The biggest scam in this world is that the scammer is caring about you.

There is no one in the world who can be more tolerant of liars and more silent about truths than the Chinese people. In a country without faith, laws, and media oversight, the people are worse than pigs and dogs. I have no desire for anything now, but hope that people have the ability to discern. The CCP’s cultural movement today is a gag order to cover up past and future crimes. Today’s cultural and medical movements, the collapse of real estate, and everything else are meant to serve one purpose, to make the people stupid and foolish. The biggest scam in this world is that the scammer is doing it for your good. I do it for my own good. Destruction of the CCP comes first, my fellow fighters second, and my family third. We met because of Whistleblower Movement. 

My vinyl records will be launched in half a year. I will let our fellow fighters buy it by the gains from Himalaya Coin and G-Series stocks. I will never let our fellow fighters pay for it themselves. One million passports is also what we should do, and it is normal for fellow fighters to get rich. When the CCP regime monopolizes everything, it should be nice to you. The question is whether the CCP is nice to you or not. 

Artemisinin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin 

The artemisinin we talked about saved a lot of people. You can’t take all three medicines at the same time. The antidote is not 100% effective, so it’s better not to catch the virus. Also take hydroxychloroquine plus zinc. Take ivermectin and artemisinin as soon as you get sick. Some people ask if they should take artemisia or artemisinin. A medicine is a medicine, and artemisia soup is certainly not a medicine. In high quality artemisinin, 99% content is the active ingredient. Health supplements are not medicine because their active ingredients are not the same. The medicine given to David is specially made, several times the price of the common medicine.

Real estate in Communist China is a political Ponzi scheme.

Property value has two components, house above land and the land itself. Only in China, the property ownership doesn’t include the land. The CCP owns the land and real estate in China should be called house ownership. Who assesses the price of a house without land? The CCP can say it is not worth a penny. Once the land is taken away, the house is not worth a penny. The CCP’s Housing Authority approves your house price. Adjusting the price up or down by market is not allowed. A house without land is a political Ponzi scheme as the political boss has the final say. Without financial support, where is the property industry? The property sector is a continuation of the financial bubble. Real estate is a stabilizer that counters social unrest and political unrest. Western real estate market is like a boat with a keel, called a yacht. The Western real estate market is losing its balancer. Communist China’s real estate is not even a boat. It is a scam. The CCP can decide how much money it will let into the real estate sector because finance is in the hands of the CCP. 

Investigating Ping An Group reaches the CCP’s root.

Ping An’s biggest asset is Lufax, a grand version of Ant Financial for big clients. Lufax’s early investors include the Bush family, Blackstone, Bridgewater, and European pension funds. Lufax is at the highest end of the political game. Jack Ma’s Ant Financial is like playing with the low end prostitutes, and Lufax is like playing with high end prostitutes. Xi figured out that Wang Qishan has a monopoly on the high end and the low end. Ping An Bank deals with big customers and Ping An is the only platform for almost all the big families to profit. Ping An is a source of politics, high end economy, international intelligence, swamps, and intelligence information. Investigating Ping An reaches the CCP’s root. We need to let everyone know what game the CCP is playing.

Will the CCP release another new virus?

We haven’t said enough about the vaccine. Medicines like B-NAB and D-NAB are not available yet, but we can almost get them all. No one can stop the truth of Covid vaccines and the CCP virus. The NFSC will definitely save the world. I was really excited to hear about the antidote. I thought a lot about it before I spoke, and it was very stressful. The antidote definitely works for the virus, but I am not sure about the new virus that might come. The good news is that the CCP now no longer dares to release new viruses, because the whole world is very sensitive to viruses. Anyone with a little common sense of medical knows that the virus is HIV, a completely assembled virus, because HIV and SARS cannot be in one virus unless it is man-made. The vaccinated body becomes a battlefield and will surely die. Our scientists in China know that they have saved so many people, and they are willing to die for this mission and have their wills prepared.

Closing Remarks

The CCP is absolutely confident about hitting Taiwan and the 20th CCP National Congress, and the successors have been all named, which is basically a foregone conclusion for Xi. What else does CCP want next? We’ll talk about it in the coming broadcast.

We are helping the NFSC citizens to avoid vaccination and keep you alive if you are vaccinated. Everyone needs to learn David’s experience and everyone needs to tell the story to those around them in a gentle manner. Ivermectin and dexamethasone can save your life, and hydroxychloroquine sulfate plus zinc can effectively prevent the virus. There is nothing the hospital can do to treat Covid patients, and oxygen will never save you. The Himalaya Farms must have this medicine on hand, otherwise it doesn’t deserve to be a Farm leader. Make sure that your fellow fighters have medicines to save lives in critical situations. For the first shot of the vaccine, artemisinin will help you clean up the toxin, but its efficacy on the second and third shot are not guaranteed. It is important to use artemisinin scientifically. The NFSC will create countless miracles, and we are the one blessing by God.

(All content is subject to the broadcast of Mr.Miles Guo)

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