Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Children Ages 5 to 11 May Get Emergency Authorization by Winter

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

On August 30,  Gottlieb, Pfizer’s board member, FDA/former director, told CNBC that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in children ages 5 to 11 in late fall or early winter this year. Gottlieb’s expectations are in line with recent remarks from former White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci on CNBC’s “Today” show.

Scientists and medical professionals with conscience around the world have passed a large number of studies and cases, and have concluded that Covid-19 vaccines will cause serious physical damage and even cause various complications or deaths. Mr. Miles Guo also revealed in the news that the CCP has joined forces with the dark power in order to screen the population and eliminate the problematic population by toxic vaccines. Many medical and scientific experts have been calling on the Internet that the Covid-19 vaccines are extremely dangerous and unnecessary for children! Once the Pfizer Covid vaccine for emergency use in children is authorized by the FDA, the catastrophic consequences will be hard to predict.

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