Extracting Information from the Media: the Spike Protein and mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Kayla

In his broadcast, Mr. Guo continuously mentioned the Chinese Communist Party’s virus, the new mRNA vaccines, and the viral spike protein.

Let’s understand a term, first. “Mediation” is the process and means of transferring one kind of “substance” to another kind of “substance”.

First of all, the five key features of the Chinese Communist Party’s Coronavirus spike protein are:

  1. The spike protein acts as a “spear” and binds to the ACE2 receptor to open a “window”, allowing the virus’s genes to be pushed into human cells through the window. ACE2 receptors are found in your kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas, bladder, intestines, and the layer of cells (called endothelial cells) that line all blood vessels.
  2. Spike protein-mediated inflammation is the basis for adverse heart and lung reactions in infection cases.
  3. The core of this response is the inflammation of endothelial cells, and this process can be triggered by the spike protein alone.
  4. It can also activate macrophages and induce other forms of acute inflammation.
  5. It can destroy and cross the human blood-brain barrier (BBB), which in turn triggers a pro-inflammatory response in brain endothelial cells, and may cause a series of neurological symptoms.

Based on many studies and simple reasoning, we have found disturbing problems. Dear listener, let us consider the following concerning the spike protein encoded by viral vectors and mRNA vaccines:

  1. The spike protein appears to damage the human body’s endothelial cells, leading to heart and lung dysfunction.
  2. It may play a decisive role in mediating brain damage, and causing respiratory failure in patients with the coronavirus.
  3. Coronavirus infection syndrome presents numerous neurological symptoms, including neurodegeneration.
  4. The specific antibodies in the blood of infected patients seem to change the shape of the spike protein, making it easier to bind to the cell, enhancing the damage caused by the virus.












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