U.S., China Solar War Heats Up, Accelerates Decoupling

Translated by: MOS Christianity group – lilian89

The Washington Post reported on August 27 that U.S. Customs and Border Protection has begun detaining solar panels from the Communist Party of China. It is alleged that the products purchased by these Chinese companies involve forced labor tyranny in China’s Xinjiang region.

Previously, on August 16, U.S. solar manufacturers had jointly petitioned the government to thoroughly investigate the behavior of Chinese companies / to shift production sites, illegal circumvention of tariffs.

Analysts believe that the Chinese Communist Party steals intellectual property from the U.S. while ultimately hitting the U.S. solar product supply chain through massively inclined government subsidies. In 2018, President Trump announced high tariffs on solar cell modules imported from the Chinese Communist Party. To circumvent these tariffs, the CCP began opening factories in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam to move solar manufacturing to these countries, and U.S. manufacturers petitioned to have the tariffs extended to products made by CCP companies in these countries.

The United States has become aware of the threat and challenge to U.S. energy security posed by unscrupulous and malicious competition from the Chinese Communist Party. Analysts suggest that in addition to tariffs, the U.S. needs to use a clear set of policies such as incentives, tax credits, and government procurement to achieve resilience and self-sufficiency in U.S. solar technology and manufacturing. The U.S.-China energy decoupling is accelerating.



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