“Hell and Heaven are both on Earth” – Mr. Miles Guo on Vaccines and Religion

Translated by: MOS Education Group — Xunchi

The vaccine disaster caused by the CCP virus is affecting every aspect of human life. The compulsory vaccination and vaccine passports in various countries have divided human beings into two completely opposed classes. Although vaccination rate worldwide has exceeded 60%, the number of people infected with the “Delta variant” continues to rise in every country. In addition, serious adverse reactions associated with vaccination have been reported, raising concerns about vaccine safety. People in fear and desperation often seek solace in religious faith. On the contrary, the majority of the spiritual leaders of the five major religions have chosen to get vaccinated to save their lives.

Today, Mr. Miles Guo continues his live broadcast and shares with his fellow fighters the impact of vaccines on religion. Drawing on his extraordinary life experience, Mr. Miles Guo reveals the essence of religion – to seek rationalization for the uncertainty of human civilization. Mr. Miles Guo believes that after this pandemic and vaccine disaster, all humanity will take a fresh look at religious beliefs, because all religions and their “intermediaries” have succumbed to “survival” in the face of the pandemic and vaccines – The Pope, His Holiness, imams, priests, and abbots all have chosen to get vaccinated. In the age of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, fundamental changes in materials and highly accessible information have completely overturned the role of religion.

According to Mr. Miles Guo, the “paradise” shaped by religion is on earth. The life of the evil forces behind the tech oligarchs and social media as well as the CCP kleptocracies, is completely splendid, promiscuous, and extravagant, like Heaven. These devilish psychopaths have completely turned the world into “Hell,” with the cleansing of the population using viruses and vaccines. Now the coronavirus and vaccines can make people either in Hell or in Heaven all in a thought. In addition, Mr. Miles Guo points out that the highest vaccination rates in the world tend to be in countries with highly developed economies, cultures, religions, and social welfare systems. Almost 30 percent or more of the pension funds of these countries are invested in highly leveraged venture funds. “Financial leverage” is completely a means for greedy capitalists to cheat people out of their wealth.

A very small number of psychopathic and evil capitalists, like vultures, are circling and eyeing the social welfare and family ties on which the poor depend. They want the population to decline and social welfare to flow back into their coffers. So here comes the virus and the toxic vaccines that contains graphene oxide. However, Mr. Miles Guo has repeatedly emphasized that humans have a master. After this pandemic and vaccine disaster, the evil forces of mankind will definitely be crushed by the power from above, and all humanity will take a fresh look at religion. After experiencing countless lives and deaths, human beings will break free from the shackles of flesh and time, and truly perceive the existence of the “Master of Nature.”

Reference link: https://gtv.org/video/id=612a25a414187a38e0573c7e

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