Fully Vaccinated Health Care Workers Carry 251 times The Viral Load of Unvaccinated People

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A clinical research team from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom published their research result in the famous medical journal “The Lancet” on August 10. This research was based on the Covid-19 virus  infection in a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  The studies have shown that under the lockdown and strict control of the hospital, the nasal viral load of fully vaccinated medical staff is 251 times compare to the group of unvaccinated medical staff.

After vaccination, while alleviating the symptoms of infection, the vaccine allows the vaccinated person to carry an abnormally high viral load without getting sick immediately, which may turn them into asymptomatic super spreaders. This phenomenon may be the reason for the surge in new diagnoses after a large number of vaccinations have been given to people around the world.

Therefore, the health system should immediately cancel the compulsory vaccination policy and evaluate the serum of this virus rehabilitation medical staff, as these medical staff have strong immunity to the variant Delta virus. Health workers who have completed vaccination have already posed a potential threat to social health due to close contact with high-risk patients and healthy colleagues.

Column reporter/responsible editor: Eglise Bell

Reviewed and posted by: Xiaoxin

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