From “Vaccine Politics” to “Political Vaccines”, the Great Awakening of Humanity in the Post-Vaccine Era

Translated by MOS Education Group — Mr. Z

Governments are urging their citizens to get vaccinated in the face of the “Chinese Communist virus” epidemic that is raging around the world. As of Aug. 23, the global vaccination rate has reached 63.7%, the majority of which are in western countries. There have been numerous reports of severe adverse reactions caused by vaccination, such as blood clotting, myocarditis, and pericarditis. Previously, studies published by CDC showed that even when fully vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine, people still can contract the Delta variant and may have a higher risk of disease compared to unvaccinated populations. However, governments and their medical regulators ignored these facts and continued to promote the vaccine, even legalizing and mandating it.

On August 25, Mr. Guo Wengui’s discussed with his comrades the current chaos of “vaccine politics” and its consequent product, “political vaccines”, in his live whistleblowing broadcast. Mr. Guo pointed out that “most politicians in western countries are not promoters or accomplices of the CCP virus vaccine; on the contrary, the vast majority of politicians, legislative and judicial officials, and even technocrats, researchers, and medical professionals believe from their hearts that the vaccine will save lives. They have been fooled by a very small number of evil forces and did not realize it. Government leaders in all countries are shrugging off the humanitarian and economic hardships caused by the epidemic through vaccination and enjoying the political benefits of the political correctness of “vaccination”. The vaccines promoted by the countries have become completely “political vaccines”, and according to Mr. Guo, even the researchers of the pharmaceutical companies that developed the vaccines are convinced that the vaccines work, not knowing that their expertise is being fooled by the people behind the scenes. Why are there 70 Communist Party members on Pfizer’s board of directors? The real source of all the evil is a very small number of bigwigs in the “Evil Five” who are in deep collusion with the CCP, the evil forces in the U.S. “swamp”, and the bigwigs behind the social media.

Mr. Guo further said that the “political vaccine” is the “human corpse pill” he proposed four years ago – the government uses public power to force its citizens to take the vaccine under the threat of the right to live. The “political vaccine” is the “human corpse pill” he proposed four years ago – the government’s use of public power to force its citizens to take a vaccine under threat of human existence, to control people, and remove dissents. At the same time, the controllers of social media delete all statements that expose the truth about “political vaccines” and sing the praises of these anti-human “technologies”, and the world quickly enters the “age of communism The world is rapidly entering the “age of communism”. Mr. Guo believes that mankind will not wait and die. The promotion of “political vaccines” will encounter more and more resistance, and people will no longer trust government authorities, legislatures, and judiciaries. The evil forces behind all of this will be reversed by the evil consequences they have sown.

In addition, Mr. Guo also raised the real meaning of the Explosive Revolution – that is, in the face of the “political vaccine”, all of humanity will unite on this issue of life and death, and the platform of the Explosive Revolution holds the right to reveal the truth, to do justice, to give people hope, and at the same time, it also provides room for the forces of evil to hang back. Mr. Guo said to the CCP: “here, hand over the antidote to end the killing”.

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