Live broadcast: President Tsai Ing-wen received a home-made “High-End” vaccine

Translated by MOS Information Group — sarahyy

According to VOA, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen received the new COVID19 vaccine on August 23rd in a live broadcast.  

The vaccine was developed in collaboration between Taiwan’s health department and U.S. NIH. Taiwan government has ordered 5 million doses preliminarily.  Bookings of this vaccine have been already up to 700,000 people.  

Taiwan’s Nationalist Party claimed that the efficacy and safety have not been completely testified. It further accused the current government of treating people as lab rats that promoting this vaccine plan hastily endangered people’s lives and health.

For their current vaccine status, about 40% received at least one dose, yet less than 5% completed the second among 23.5 million people. Our Revolution exposed the truth of vaccines that has an intrinsic link to CCP in its global production and manufacturing.

At the same time, opposing the COVID19 vaccine and fighting for freedom movement are surging from people in Europe, in France, in Australia, in Canada, and in more countries. 

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