Heavy Rains in Mian County, Shaanxi Province Caused 60,000 People to have Difficulty with Water Utilization

Translated by MOS Information Group — Franklin

From August 21st to 22nd, Mian County (also known as Mianxian, a county of Hanzhong, in the southwest of Shaanxi province in northwest China) was suffered from an extraordinary rainstorm. The maximum rainfall precipitation was 237.7 millimeters and the maximum hourly rainfall precipitation reached 72.5 mm, which broke the record of the meteorological monitoring data that the county ever had.

On the evening of August 22, it was reported that about 60,000 people had trouble with water and electricity utilization. Power and communication outages also happened in some towns and villages; normal production was difficult to resume in a short time.

Sources said that the Xizhai section of the Hanhui Canal in the county was breached and the water flowed through farmlands into the urban area. In addition, with the heavy rainstorm, the six main roads in the urban area were heavily waterlogged, thousands of cars were submerged. The depth of the water was up to two feet. Some parts were deep enough to reach an adult’s waist.

According to the local weather forecasts, an early warning of an increased rainfall during this year’s flood season was issued as early as in July; only one month after the floods in Zhengzhou, Henan, the floods reappeared in Shaanxi.

Although it might seem like another “natural disaster,” the internal strife and non-actions of the CCP government would eventually turn all the natural disasters into man-made ones, with the cost of the death of innocent people and the destruction of their homes.

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