GT Online: The Investigation Team of the Mega Rainstorm Disaster Stationed in Zhengzhou to Investigate

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August 20, the Press and Publicity Dept of Ministry of Emergency Management Information stated that the “7.20” Extraordinary Rainstorm Disaster Investigation team will be stationed in Zhengzhou to conduct a comprehensive investigation.  Ming Huang, head of the investigation team pointed out that the investigation of a particularly major disaster fully reflects the responsibility of the Party Central Committee, with Jinping Xi at the core, for the safety of people’s lives, reflecting the General Secretary’s deep feelings for the people, embodied the Party’s original mission. In-depth identification of the causes of disasters, in-depth reflection on the gaps in the implementation of the new development concept, in-depth planning to promote disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work.

One month after the Zhengzhou flood occurred, on August 19, Premier Keqiang Li of the Communist China arrived in the disaster area for the first time. The death toll from the Henan flood was still fixed at 302 from the internet search in Communist China on August 20. The reason for all reports of floods is due only to the extreme weather of sudden downpours.

Although the “July 20” rainstorm in Zhengzhou was extreme weather, the government did not inform the people when floodgates were opened  in advance, and no one was responsible for the disaster caused by internal conflicts within the CCP was the root cause of the disaster. However, under the rule of the CCP, the truth will definitely be concealed, those unjust souls can rest in peace only after the fall of the CCP.

Source: 国务院河南郑州“7·20”特大暴雨灾害调查组进驻动员会在郑州召开–中华人民共和国应急管理部 (

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