GT Online: The CCP’s BGY Strategy on Philippine through Vaccine Donation at the Edge of Taiwan-China War

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According to China News on August 19, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines stated that China has always attached great importance and priority to meeting the urgent need for vaccines in the Philippines. The Chinese government has donated a new batch of vaccines to the Philippines. The vaccines will be shipped in two batches tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to Manila.

As early as the beginning of 2021, the Philippines received 600,000 doses of the Kexin vaccine from the Communist China. That was the first batch of 25 million doses promised by the CCP. But at the time President Duterte said that he would prefer to get other varieties of vaccines.

The Philippines is an important country in the South China Sea. It has been fighting with the CCP over the sovereignty of the territorial waters for many years. In April and May of this year, the Philippines repeatedly protested the CCP’s “illegal presence and activities” near its islands in the South China Sea. Recently, with the support of the CCP, the Taliban announced the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The CCP took advantage of international tensions and repeatedly provoked Taiwan to speed up preparations for its invasion of Taiwan. At this time, the CCP is using vaccines to buy neighboring countries, and both soft and hard tactics to prevent other countries from assisting Taiwan when they use force. Its wolf ambition is thoroughly exposed. But what will be the fate of the Philippines, only 700 miles away, if Taiwan is invaded by the CCP?

Source: 中国驻菲律宾大使:中方将加大对菲疫苗供货量-中新网 (

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