1. 「冤有仇,債有主」,有人勢必要為疫情負責。
    Let’s be specific, someone must be accountable for Novel Coronavirus outbreak after all. It started from Wuhan, China, the regime Chinese Communist Party government should be the one accountable, at least to certain degree, they cannot get away with it.
    People of China and all Chinese ethnics are simply victims, not victimizers, regardless their political views. Don’t mess up.
    Let’s call it “CCP virus”.

  2. Dear Miles and above Poster,

    You see the harm in calling the virus the Chinese Virus — it’s connotation would be so strong — it would haunt and negatively affect innocent Chinese people. Ok, I agree and fair enough.

    Therefore, apply the same logic to Trump. If he called the virus the CCP Virus, the connotation would be so strong, that the CCP and America would come even closer to war. I cannot imagine what the CCP would do with such a label, but it would be even more serious than what they do now. Notice that Trump is still playing the diplomatic game of “Xi is my friend; I have a good relationship with Xi, etc.” If Trump begins to call it the CCP Virus, it will be an intentional signal toward deep conflict. (personally I hope he does, but it will mean war)

    However, asking ordinary people to call it the CCP virus is fine. That would be my pleasure.

    And Miles, that was a poor move by claiming that anyone who disagrees with you and calls it the ‘Chinese Virus’ is your enemy. That is a tacit threat/insult to Trump. That was overemotional and unwise. That will turn some Americans against you. Please avoid doing that.

    Your supporter,


  3. Chinese virus is totally wrong. The virus was released by CCP instead of Chinese. CCP do not definitely represent Chinese, and 1.4 billion Chinese in mainland of China have been kidnapped to threaten the whole world by CCP. Therefore, the virus is totally CCP’s virus.

    Please call Coronavirus CCP’s virus.

  4. 中共病毒=CCP Virus
    叫共產黨病毒更好,CP Virus。