Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on August 14th. 2021

1. This is chat live broadcast, I will continue to play the new song for hit the top chart, now downloading more than 9.71 million, only need 300k times more to pass 10 million, all rely on my brothers and sisters. The world’s top 20 countries, you have to use Apple phones, you must use the loop to reach this level, without you there would be no such miracle, “The Beatles” was just like that. Even in the Congo, people are downloading it, it’s really all over the world, it’s incredible. Many people have a new understanding of our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania all has many people to download our new song.

2. A famous domestic director commented on my new song, saying that we had reached the edge of religious belief, and when he went to see the secretary of Beijing’s Dongcheng District, he said, “Seeing your brother Guo has become the god of song, our children are listening to it at home.” This director pretended know nothing about that, and the Chinese Communist Party wanted to regulate that all KTVs should never use “Hero” and “A Smile from the Sea” ,because someone in the northeast had made a DJ version of the song and it was on fire at karaoke. A Fellow Fighter at the Cape Town embassy said that people at the embassy were downloading “Hero” and he found that Huawei phones could actually block the new song, how scared the CCP from me. Accidentally, people actually turned me into a rock star, this DJ version is particularly hot in various places in the northeast, which is not even included in the number of downloads. Japan’s base is large, became the first is not easy, but still have to get it, this is the power of Fellow Fighters, the power of the Whistleblower Movement, the power of the NFSC.

3.Remember what I said about “90 days”, almost 40 days have passed, and you will see even more action after our Fellow Fighters of 10 million is crowned the God of Song. My secret power tells me that I can announce it now, I think we have to wait a little longer, let’s hold on. This year is to destroy the Communist Party with the truth of virus, money and no big news. I got the exact info. that the Big Head Lude is definitely buying data, playing fake political cover, and definitely going to jail.

4. A singer said now can compose songs for me, we are not short of songs, compose songs for us must come from our Fellow Fighters. The purpose of today’s live broadcast is that we must not stop downloading and buying new songs and continue to hit 10 million. These 9.7 million downloads were expected, but when it really came, I’m still excited, the Chinese Communist Party tampered with the data useless, the top of the chart is there. This time verifies the strength of the Whistleblower Movement and the cohesiveness of our Fellow Fighters, we speak with facts and figures. These data illustrate our ability to work with the international community and show the world how many Fellow Fighters we really have.

5. The Big Head Lude let his wife Cai Qing to “BGY” our Fellow Fighter Qiangzi, let him compose 100 songs, this is not a good intention. He can buy the 9.7 million data? Does he have this ability?!

6. Fellow Fighters put me on the seventh place of the popular list, thank you very much! Fellow Fighters must not stop until we reach the goal. We must cherish, without my Fellow Fighters, I am nothing. Everyone must listen to me to prevent the infection of CCP Virus, when there are illnesses and disasters, you’ll know the importance of the Himalaya Farm and Fellow Fighters, our Fellow Fighter are relatives, we must truly love them.

7. The Communist Party not only took down my songs, even Qmay’s songs were taken down, look what they are scared into. The Ministry of Culture asked all provinces and cities to ban the dissemination of our songs in karaoke, the meaning of the songs and our G-Fashion, with songs to exterminate the Communist Party represents the current situation of our Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC, the Communist Party definitely did not expect to have today, “Take Down the CCP” everywhere, this is our Whistleblower Movement, be safe and  be happy to exterminate the CCP. They didn’t expect us to have this form, African’s are asking who is Miles Guo, this power is felt by everyone now, it’s hard to make money with music, but the power of music is not what money can do. Nowadays music has been over commercialized, subservient to money, dictatorialized, demonized and reduced to a political tool, how can there be a cultural soul when songs and fashion serve politics and dictatorship, songs spread justice to humanity and play a positive role.

8. GTV has recently had a significant upgrade and GETTR has a new version, G-News still needs two or three months to improve, the pandemic has kept everyone from going out, but our work on the G-Series has not stopped, so be sure to understand the Whistleblower Movement, the NFSC, and understand me, so to know what we are doing here. Members of G-Club who buy membership card, the annual fee is about 20- 30 million, now the market value is 300 billion absolutely. 5% of G- Club’s future equity also belongs to the owners of G-Fashion, not just the market value and return. 

Brothers and sisters, your stock means something, you don’t just own one of the stocks. I will show you the numbers and you will understand. You can look at the shareholders at the beginning of the Federal Reserve, what families are they now, and what else did they invest in at the same time? What families used to be involved in the big ten Club s and those institutions? And where are they now? We will see the unimaginable answer, only these clubs are inherited from generation to generation, like the Rothschild family, inherited to this day, no one dares to try to change the Federal Reserve.

9. Western clubs and financial systems are unchallenged to this day because they are protected by law, and then look at the Founding Fathers of China who were all screwed over, and why CITIC is finished, it is because the Communist Party can never let you perpetuate your property and guarantee your safety. Why the western world can protect your asset? Because the Christian and Catholic culture, the British civil law, the human rights divinely granted, and universal respect for private wealth. Wealth itself is positive, and the communist turned wealth into evil, and Hitler in Germany also crushed wealth, and everything was destroyed.

The BVI has very strict laws, is part of the UK, and has very strict protection of private property. The financial system we use in the G-series is also Western’s, and most importantly, the US has recognized that cryptocurrency can only be liberalized and legalized. Why do people exchange US dollars, because it is safe, inheritable, has a spirit of contract, obeys the law, and has a social regulatory system. what is the significance for the shareholder owners of G-Club members? The G-Club has achieved a purpose, which is to ensure the safety of wealth, the West is currently doing the best, but the fundamental problem is that when investing can not put eggs in one basket, you now know my good intentions?!

 G-Club is very stable, 5% of the stock is guaranteed. Like the Federal Reserve’s currency can fall? Banks can go bankrupt, the Fed will not go bankrupt because it is not like a bank that can do the loan business.

10. Social media is the platform of achievement with the world’s money, stocks will all fall, but social media will not. GTV is a cellphone we use for live broadcast, a key to open the treasure castle of wealth, no one could understand it. G-Fashion, we don’t care about sales, it’s fine as long as it exists, the future of G-Fashion is absolutely shocking, you may feel that you can’t afford it, how to do with it? There is only one choice, which is to join the NFSC and have a G-Club membership card. I studied with those Greats in the world, and finally I realized that you can’t go through the world without money. Wealth is the tool that makes people safe and happy. Jack Ma said he doesn’t care about money, and that’s the end for him when he spoke this out. Human society is all about the relationship between people, people and money, do not pretend you don’t like to be rich. Those who said they don’t love money, slap themselves hard in the face. About G-News, our Fellow Fighters don’t know what I’m going to do. The reason I didn’t originally talk about the G-Series is that if I talk about it, our Fellow Fighters will have no opportunity to invest in G-Series, but I just want our Fellow Fighters to join in and become the capital to negotiate with those bigwigs. During the pandemic, how many consortia can do what we are doing now? We are the “princess to visit the kiln, not to make money in order to pleasure”, but the princess herself must first have money.

11. Every culture has its antithesis, and the man who knows the right time to do the right thing is a gentleman. A gentleman only fights with the strong. The Japanese Bushido spirit is a combination with Wang Yangming’s “Study of Mind”, which was copied exactly before it started to develop on its own. Our NFSC is now about breaking away from the Chinese Communist Party and creating a new world, without war and without conquering anyone. Not many of the Chinese Communist Party officials understand this. Human history was made in blood and war with the end for controlling the wealth and power, and in World War II with the end to have the nuclear weapons and the Internet. As long as you have wisdom and faith, you are the most powerful, popular and respected person in the world, and what we strive for is peaceful coexistence with humanity.

(All contents are subject to the live video of Mr. Miles Guo)

Live Broadcast: https://gtv.org/broadcast/watch/611845e3ce352b4048c8821a

Original Article: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1468086/

Translated by MOS Himalaya Dolores

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