Senator Calls For Resisting the Mandatory Virus Restriction, Urging Americans to Stand up

Translated by Stone

On August 8, US Senator Rand Paul released a video calling for Americans to stand up, unite, and choose the truth freely at the crossroads. Paul said that in the face of bureaucratic blockade policies and media brainwashing propaganda, we can no longer remain silent, and we will not allow them to continue to cause further harm to our society, economy, and children.

Paul was vaccinated some time ago. This time, the senator emphasized “to make choices for your own health” instead of being forced to be vaccinated. Paul further stated that he does not support vaccine passports and opposes the government’s forced random screening and new virus tests on people. Paul released this video on the second day of the Chicago Mayor Lightfoot declared that everyone over the age of 2 should wear a mask even if vaccinated. With the deprivation of people’s freedom and rights, the wave of resistance to compulsory virus restrictions has become unstoppable.


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