February 18-20, 2020. CCP Exterminator Miles Guo’s Crusade Against Communism


•The CCP decided to bring the warfare to the world, keep all BGY forces continuing and keep lying.
•The Expose Revolution is one of the three poles, Gnews became only one, New York Times helped a lot.
•CCP pushes people return to work for the economy, kidnap the west, new reform and opening-up.
•Not many companies have cash flow to endure three to six months, and the moment of disaster has not come yet.
•The CCP ’s enemy rankings. Resume work is the second wave of murder.
•Wherever Sun Lijun appears, there must be a hellish disaster.
•Terry Gou’s factory resumed work; selling HNA at a very cheap price;large enterprises are rushing to go fake bankrupcy.
•The CCP is mad to suppress the Whistleblowers’ Revolution.
•Major banks cooperate with the kleptocrats to make false financial data.
•Don’t trust the Party, stay alive, waiting for the victory.