Liberation Army Daily confirmed that the COVID-19 virus was a bioweapon of the PLA

Translated by MOS Health – Wenfei 

The Chinese Communist Liberation Army Daily published a report detailing the influence of genetic weapons on future wars as early as November 2017. As mentioned in the article, genetic weapons are new viruses and bacteria dedicatedly " trimmed out" that only the designers seize the secret genetic code. The outsiders will need to take great efforts to or will never decipher and develop new vaccines to fight against them in time. Even if the vaccine library keeps updating, the speed of vaccine development won’t keep up with the “poison,” which means the steady stream of new genetic weapons which are “ready to go”

The 13579 plan instructed the following: Since 2017, manufacture and implement ONE bioweapon within the following THREE years, which ensured be effective in at least FIVE years. It will completely paralyze SERVE countries, including the “Five Eyes Alliance” and Japan and India. At the same time, develops a strategical vaccine within nine months to bargain the world.

The fact of the COVID-19 global outbreak in early 2020 fully verified the authenticity of the 13579 plan. The report published in The Chinese Communist Liberation Army Daily in 2017 also certified the same fact.


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