GT Online: CCP Pretends to Be Victim While Publishing Report Using US as Scapegoat for the Pandemic

Written/Translated by: Sister Karamazov

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On August 9 local time, several CCP online media platforms including, and unanimously announced that three so-called “well-known domestic think tanks” including the Chongyang Institute of Financial Studies of Renmin University jointly released a propaganda report named “America First?! —— The Truth About U.S. Fighting Against Pandemic”.

In this utterly ridiculous report filled with lies and propaganda, CCP used their useful running dogs – CCP controlled “think tanks” to claim the following absurd statements:

  • CCP claimed that this report is the world’s first think tank report that exposes the “truth” about the U.S. fighting against the epidemic.
  • The report also tried to mentally manipulate readers within Communist China to guide their thought to blame US by questioning the role of Fort Detrick and other biological laboratories in the United States and asking how their security measures are implemented.
  • The report then stated that US has an “unshirkable responsibility” for the spread of the pandemic on a global scale. The mind-boggling “evidence” to support this claim is the following: “After the outbreak, there are still more than 20 million American citizens going abroad”.

Meanwhile within Communist China, it is also widely reported that many CCP virus infections occured all over the country as Delta variant is rampant across the world:

  • On August 10 local time, 37 newly asymptomatic cases and 2 cases of asymptomatic infection were detected in Henan province;
  • On August 10 local time, 50 new local confirmed cases in Jiangsu province were detected, with 2 cases in Nanjing and 48 cases in Yangzhou;
  • On August 9 local time, all six major passenger stations in Wuhan were shut down.

Several goals can be achieved by CCP on this new round of CCP virus outbreak, to name just a few:

  • First, CCP virus is a great excuse to keep people isolated, since the society is getting more and more unstable, especially in areas where tens of thousands of people died due to the flood in Henan province;
  • Secondly, by enforcing mass testing, certain companies owned by CCP kleptocrats can achieve great revenue;
  • Last but not least, by this round of outbreak, CCP can sacrifice some Chinese people’s lives and well-being to play the victim; therefore concealing their evil action of intentionally releasing the virus all over the world in late summer and early fall, as Mr. Miles Guo warned the whole world two months ago. Also, with the publishing of this so-called “report” and falsely indicating US should be responsible for this pandemic, it can use US as a scapegoat in case Chinese people complain about their suffering.


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