GT Online: Look Out for CCP’s Excuse to Start War! CCP Military Aircraft Invaded Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone

Written/Translated by: Sister Karamazov

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According to, Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force’s “Communist China Military Aircraft Updates” showed that a CCP Y-8 aircraft invaded Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on the morning of August 8.

According to the Central News Agency, Taiwan Air Force dispatched air patrol troops to respond to the intrusion of the CCP Y-8 aircraft into the ADIZ of Taiwan this morning, conducting broadcast drive away and anti-aircraft missile tracking and monitoring.

Since September 17 last year, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has been releasing updates on the CCP’s military aircraft in the “Real-time Military Updates” section of its official website.

As of today’s CCP military aircraft situation, one Y-8 aircraft invaded Taiwan’s southwestern ADIZ in the morning, but it did not invade the airspace of Taiwan’s southeast sea and did not cross the middle line of the Taiwan Strait. The last time a CCP military aircraft disrupted Taiwan was on July 28, and it was also a Y-8 aircraft.

Central News Agency reported that according to statistics from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, on June 15, there were 28 total CCP military aircrafts (1 Y-8 aircraft, 4 H-6 bomber aircrafts, 1 Y-8 long-range jamming aircraft, 2 KJ-500 aircraft, 14 J-16 aircrafts, and 6 J-11 aircrafts) disrupting Taiwan, setting a record since the Ministry of National Defense announced the statistics. The second highest record was set on April 12, with a total of 25 CCP military aircrafts.

Regarding this piece of news, Mr. Miles Guo commented on his GETTR on August 8: “Compatriots in Taiwan need to pay attention. CCP have already formulated several detailed plans for luring the war…specifically, either to induce Taiwan to fire the first shot, or to stage an accident to make themselves look like they are hit by Taiwan army, so that CCP have the excuse to start the invasion war against Taiwan.”(This GETTR can be found here:


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