[August 5, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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[August 5, 2021] Video translation

Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is August 5th. Have you worked out yet? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus? Everybody take a look. Today is just Thursday, but the street is almost empty.  

Over 100,000 Americans were infected with the CCP virus just yesterday. Many of my friends and their family members were infected. The second outbreak of the virus has arrived.

Your brother-7 has warned the world that the CCP will release more viruses when the summer ends and the fall comes.

The CCP plotted to release more viruses to the world when the Beidaihe Conference is being held. And it plotted to take advantage of the Tokyo Olympics, the European Union’s August vacation, and the US economy’s critical period to release more viruses.

The CCP’s plan is to force the US government officials, the US military, the US Defense Force, NATO, and all officials involved in the Japanese Olympics, to get vaccinated by causing a second outbreak of the virus. As long as these officials feel the threats of the virus, they will have no choice but to get vaccinated, according to the CCP’s conspiracy.

It is like driving a flock of ducks into a dead-end corner, where they can only eat what they are fed. The CCP has lost its humanity. It is even inferior to a dog.

It is a massacre against humankind. But there are only very few intelligent people in the world who see through it — what a disaster.

I have so many family members and friends who are ignorant. It is a crazy world. After 70 or 80 years of peace, humankind is killing itself!

Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are effective drugs for both prevention and treatment, yet the government restricts prescriptions.

The government forces people to get vaccinated but is not responsible for any consequences caused by the vaccine. However, the government restricts the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc, even if people are fully responsible for the side-effect of the drugs. What kind of rogue logic is this?

Even if somebody gets vaccinated, can they be immune to the virus? In ninety percent or more of the new infection cases, people have already gotten vaccinated. Worse, if somebody who is vaccinated is infected for a second time, they will be more contagious and have a higher risk of dying.

The origin of the virus has not even been found yet, but vaccines are available now. Is this rational common sense? The world is so crazy.

Brothers and sisters, please cherish your life if you believe it has value. There is nothing more important than avoiding being infected with the CCP virus. Nothing else is as important as this. You must listen to your brother-7. It is vital that you stay alive. Too many people are ignorant but let us not be like them.

I mentioned the CCP’s economic situation many times. Evergrande Group is now finished.  Those corrupt families in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) try to save the Evergrande Group, but their efforts are in vain. The CCP transferred Evergrande’s case to Guangzhou for a trial. Will it work? Even a God cannot save it.

I also mentioned Tencent many times in the past two or three years. Many people asked me: “brother-7, you keep talking about Tencent, but Tencent is still good.” If anybody thinks Tencent is good, they can invest in Tencent.

The CCP’s economy, under a dictatorial regime, is a “political economy.” It is politics that dominates the economy. When the political system collapses, will there still be a “political economy”?

In addition, The CCP challenges the US. The US does have a lot of evil people. They are greedy and collude with the CCP. They enslave and exploit our Chinese compatriots. But the US still has the rule of law. People can still speak their voice on media. The president of the US must be elected by the ordinary people through a “one person, one vote” system. Anybody is free to go to a church or a religious site as they wish.

However, entrepreneurs like me created tremendous wealth in China. We helped millions or even multi millions of families to survive. But I had to leave my country to come to the US, and most other entrepreneurs, still in China, are even inferior to a stray dog in the US.

Still, the US is the only place that can protect us. We can have some respect here and get some opportunities to develop. This is what makes America great.

In China, ruled by the CCP, a stray dog cannot survive; even a bird can hardly survive. Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) live the toughest life. When you compare China to the US, you will see a huge difference.

Are any entrepreneurs safe in China? Is there anybody safe? Can an unsafe place be your homeland? It is your grave. I have been talking about this for a few years. The best business in CCP China is the crematorium business. Brothers and sisters, the best business is the cemetery business. Can you afford to be cremated? Can you afford to be buried?

A certain mogul is about to go bankrupt now. Lately, he has often been friendly to me, “brother-7, how are you doing? Brother-7, what’s up recently? We have different ways to fulfill our faiths. Brother-7, I have been quietly supporting you all the time. I still have access to the Zhongnanhai pit 24 hours a day. I can do this; I can do that”. 

After getting close to me for a while, he said to me some time ago:” Brother-7, I am willing to go through fire and water with you. I am willing to own 5% of the shares of the Himalaya Reserve. And I will pay the highest price to buy the shares.” I replied: “you think of me as a fool? When a weasel gives New Year’s greetings to a hen, he harbors no good intentions. What he seeks is either a chicken or an egg. If you do not seek a chicken or an egg, what are you on the lookout for? Then you are bullshit. Who has time to bullshit with you, right?” 

What he is up to is only too evident. Brother-7 is good at identifying pretenders, right? As it happens, he is almost toast in the last two days. R He said: “if you can’t give me 5% of the shares, how about a little bit less?” I told him that he would not get anything. Our principles are different. We cannot make plans together. Let us not mingle together.

Let us take a look at so many people who are hell-bent on following Snake Demon Yan, big-headed liar Asshole Lu De, need-a-daddy Bo, Cancer-face Ai Li, and that Silly Dr. Mo. So, what happened to your foreign-daddy Sellin? Where is your daddy Sellin? He published an article on the Chinese website Sina.com to shift the blame of the pandemic to the United States. Then Snaky Yan and Asshole Liar Lu De claimed that they have a plan of mass arrest to arrest CCP members and that they will “take down the CCP with the truth of the virus.” In the end, they claimed that the US created the virus. 

Screw your ancestors to the eighth generation. Do you think we are all fools at the Whistleblower Movement? Like real men, we are sure to take revenge. It is not about whether you smear Miles Guo or the Whistleblower Movement. It is that you took advantage of the Whistleblower Movement and then treated our people as fools. 

Still, talking about the mass arrests? Where are the mass arrests, big-headed liar Lu De? Snake Demon Yan, you remember, I have not taken a shot yet. You wait and see.  Cancer-face Ai Li, need-a-daddy Bo, you wait and watch. You played our Whistleblower Movement members as fools.  I did not feel bad when they left our movement, but I cannot bear that they toy with us, just like the CCP plays tricks on us. We will never give in. Wait and see. 

Need-a-daddy Bo made dirty deals with the CCP who bought you guys off as foreign henchmen and loathsome dogs to ruin the Whistleblower Movement and me. Do you still want to “take down the CCP with the truth of the virus”?  

Snake Demon Yan, you are rubbish. Now you say that the virus is made in the United States. If it is indeed made in the US, what are you doing here in the US? What is your husband doing here in the US? Why do you come to the US? It turns out you are even less than rubbish, let alone being an angel.  This “shit falling from the sky” even became someone else’s mistress in public.  

The CCP’s economy is collapsing. The CCP may have a gang war during its Beidaihe Conference. And the virus once again ravages the world. There is only one brave and righteous voice in the world calling to take down the CCP — the voice of the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement. If you do not believe us, stay away. We are about Action! Action! Action! Heaven is watching. The CCP, you are definitely screwed. Wait and see, you old bastards.

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