[GT Online] Henan Private School Donated to the Government, Public-Private Partnerships Reappear

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According Sina Education on August 6, a private high school in Zhoukou, Henan Province. Huaiyang No. 1 High School is to be donated to the government. Huaiyang No.1 High School was approved by the Provincial Department of Education in 2002 and was completed and put into use in 2003. In 2005, the school was rated as a Henan Demonstrative Ordinary High School. In the past 10 years, Huaiyang No.1 High School has won the top of the county’s secondary school entrance exam.  It is a well-known private school in the region.

Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Education of the Communist China has issued a number of policies, such as the “Regulations on the Implementation of the Promotion of Private Education” in May, and the “Notice on Regulating the Establishment or Participation of Compulsory Education Schools in Public Schools” in July. Under the pressure of these policies, Huaiyang No. Donation report”, Huaiyang No. 1High School submitted  a “Report on School Donation” by Principal Wang Yesheng at the end of July.  The Huaiyang Municipal Government promptly requested the smooth completion of the transfer of Huaiyang No.1 High School in the shortest possible time.

The CCP’s policy of governing the country is often to cut off the careers and dreams of many entrepreneurs with a single piece of official paper. This is reminiscent of the “public-private partnership” movement after the founding of the Communist China in the early 1950s, when all private enterprises were forced to hand over to the government. Many families were destroyed. The public transfer of Huaiyang No.1 High School may become a domino that overthrows private education across the country. The marketization of education will no longer exist.

Source: https://edu.sina.com.cn/zxx/2021-08-06/doc-ikqciyzk9862734.shtml

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