Summary of Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr sharing on Aug 5, 2021

1.    CCP virus raging in US

Streets of New York became dead quiet again the past Thursday. The number of infections in the US yesterday was more than 100 thousand people.

2.    CCP to release the virus worldwide again

Warning from Mr. Miles Guo:

The CCP will release the virus in summer and fall, using the meeting in the Beidaihe District, the summer break of EU, the current critical moment of the US economy, and the convenience of the Tokyo Olympic Games. American, NATO officials, Japanese military and staff working in the Olympics all have received mandatory vaccination, which is no different from a massacre. Lacking wisdom is way more terrifying than lacking knowledge.

3.    HCQ plus zinc work

Medicines (HCQ+ zinc,  quercetin+ zinc, ivermectin) work for covid prevention and treatment. It is the individual responsibility if choosing to be medicated; not the goverments’ but they strongly restrict it; There will be severe consequences after vaccination and the governments should be held accountable, and yet they highly advocate it. The infection rate will increase after getting vaccinated. Those contracted the virus have received vaccination. The source of the virus is still unknown. How possibly could they produce effective vaccines?

4.    Cherish your life. Protect yourself from the virus.

Believe his warning. Staying alive is the most important. There are a lot of ignorant people out there but we cannot be one of them.

5.    Not even god can save Evergrande Group

Someone in the CCP made a futile attempt to save the Evergrande group since not even god can save it. Tencent will be the next. Autocratic government, politicized economy – politics above everything. The downfall of politics means also the collapse of economy. 

6.    Hard to survive in China

Not an entrepreneur in China can bear good fruit, and not a single person can enjoy safety. Only crematoriums and graveyards can have thriving business, but many still cannot afford to be cremated or buried. There are laws and media in the US, and people there can live safely.

7.    Stay away from opportunists

Some tycoon is very close to the CCP but was trying to cotton up to us for G-series investments. He definitely did it intentionally.

8.    Sellin in collusion with CCP to cover up virus

Sellin now works in collusion with the CCP, and has bribed Yan Limeng and Wang Dinggang to steal the accomplishments of Whistleblower. We will not excuse anyone that toys with our buddies’ trust. 

9.    Evil reach of CCP around the world

The CCP creates a heap of afflictions – collapsing economy, scheme to attack Taiwan, brutal fights within the Party, release of the virus to everywhere. Only the New Federal State of China and Whistleblower are working for justice. The CCP will not live long.

(Disclaimer: Opinions are my own, and this is only for the purpose of sharing. I do not assume any liability.)

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