[GT Online] CCP China Calls Tracing Covid-19 Origins ‘Terrorism’

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On August 1, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican has just released an addendum to the origins of Covid-19 report issued in last September, which outlines evidence pointing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology( WIV) as the source of the outbreak as well as some US researchers who have ties to the WIV. The Communist China is aware of what this is bringing to the regime. Besides sparing no effort in promoting its conspiracy that Covid-19 was leaked from US military base Fort Detrick, it now starts calling the investigation of covid-19 origin “terrorism”. 

The Chinese official mouthpiece People’s Daily Online published an article on their website today (August 5) accusing the US of conducting “origin-tracing terrorism”. It says, the US has denounced the conclusion made by global scientists through an over one-year long investigation led by the WHO, and kept spreading the lab-leak theory while asking its intelligence agencies to further investigate the coronavirus’s origins against China. All of these show the world nothing but that, the US so-called investigation has nothing to do with science and truth, and its purpose is to smear and blame China. 

The article argues that the fact that the US has attempted to connect China and even other Asian countries with the origins of Covid-19 has caused anti-Asian hate in the US and other western countries, and many Asians are living in fear and anxiety. In addition, the US has laid its hands on the scientific community by suppressing the righteous voices of scientists and subjecting them to physical attacks and verbal threats. It is called “origin-tracing terrorism”.

People’s Daily claims that instead of focusing on helping their own people to fight the pandemic especially amid the Delta surge, some US politicians are advocating further investigations against China. Their only aim is to scapegoat China and divert the attention of their own people so that their incompetence, immorality and impudence can be concealed. The second-phase investigation shall be done based on the results of the first one after a thorough discussion among WHO member countries. However, the US is now manipulating the origin-tracing with a presumption of guilt against China. It is almost certain that no fair and objective conclusions will come out as science and facts are omitted. 

The CCP mouthpiece remarks that it is far ridiculous for the US to have its intelligence agencies carry out the origin investigation as the US intelligence units themselves don’t have any credibility to conduct such work. It is known that the US CIA has committed numerous wrongdoings, such as assassinations, overthrowing foreign governments and exporting color revolutions and riots. The former US CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had such “famous quote: “We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment”.

In short, the People’s Daily summarizes in the end of its commentary, the US has politicized the Covid-19 origin-tracing and pushed its “origin-tracing terrorism”, which is just the continuance of CIA’s script of “lies, cheats and steals”. 

Source: “溯源恐怖主义”的鲜活剧本

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