[GT Online] CCP Propaganda Touted They Found “Cure” to Covid Delta Variant

Written by Jay (Wenjie)

Translated by billwilliam

Sina Finance reported on August 4 that a research team led by Yang Xiaoming at the China National Biotec Group (CNBG, a subsidiary of Sinopharm) recently discovered a monoclonal antibody effective against the Delta mutant strain of CCP virus (Covid-19). The Chinese Communist Party propaganda claimed this could be a “cure” to the CCP virus, especially the Delta strain.

According to the article, the study used the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of eight patients who recovered from CCP virus infection as genetic raw materials to successfully screen out the most potent monoclonal antibody 2B11 by the method of phage display technology. Then the research team used a mouse model to evaluate the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of 2B11 for CCP virus infections. Further analysis of lung pathological tissue images demonstrated the administration of 2B11 can significantly reduce pulmonary inflammation caused by viral infection. Regarding the Delta variant (B.1.617.2), the research team indicated that their recent supplementary research results show 2B11’s greater application value on short-term prophylactics and early treatment of Covid pneumonia caused by the Delta strain.

With the new wave of the pandemic outbreak caused by the Delta strain spreading around the world, CCP claims that it has the new “cure” for the Delta strain, which is obviously prepared in advance, just like the first outbreak of CCP virus in Wuhan last year, CCP immediately produced the vaccines within 9 months (part of the evil “13579” plan) and used vaccines to “buy” the world. This time is the same if the news is not just a boast, CCP should have already planned for this new outbreak and the so-called “cure” will be promoted to the rest of the world where CCP wants to bride and make a fortune, at the same time continuing to unleash the new virus to the US and its allies.

Just as correctly pointed out and warned by Miles Guo, the world is so crazy now and the most critical thing for everyone is to prevent from getting infected by the CCP virus!

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