Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Aug. 4th, 2021

1. In the 1970s, eating fast was a common habit for children in low-income families because they didn’t have time to eat, and they were very hungry.

2. Last night, two old fellow fighters who have been following the Whistleblowers Movement since 2017 invited me to join a group of about 10,000 members. They wanted to hear my opinion. The old fellow fighters begged me for the first time, so I joined the group, and the conversation in the group gave me the following understandings. First, too many people do not have basic common sense; Second, It’s too important that the fellow fighters post messages on social media. You know it (the truth) doesn’t mean that others know it. The lack of information leads to incomplete cognitions and views on things, which is very terrible. Third, due to the serious brainwashing of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), many people habitually believe it. And the education he received made some people completely lose their ability to discern things; Fourth, why the CCP is so powerful after cheating for a hundred years? It is because there are liers like Snake Demon Yan (Limeng Yan) and Lier Lude (Wang Dinggang). Some people say they are also exterminating the CCP and exposing the virus’s truth, resulting in the inability to accept the current situation. Indeed, these fellow fighters trust (Snake Demon Yan, Lier Lude) because they believe in the Whistleblower Movement. We praised them to the sky. It was my mistake, but we had no choice.

3. Many people still don’t know how to make people around them no longer believe in Lier Lude and Snake Demon Yan. It’s very simple. In early July, look at what they said that Sellin would lead them and the Whistleblower Movement to start a new era of exterminating the CCP. (They mentioned)same platitude of the CIA and the Department of Homeland Security. But what happened now? What is their Sellin Daddy doing? He actually said on the Chinese Communist Party’s Douyin( known as TikTok in other countries) platform that the virus was made in the United States! Do you still believe in these scumbags? There is no credibility at all. If you still believe me when I say that this virus is made in the United States, you are a pig. The prerequisite of taking down the CCP with the virus is to know where the virus is coming from. They said that the virus came from the United States, and you still believe that you are not stupid but damned. If Biden said that the United States made the virus, he is our greatest enemy. How to characterize a virus is the most basic common sense, which determines whether to exterminate the CCP or the United States with the virus.

4. Can Lier Lude(Wang Dinggang) speak English with the CIA and FBI? Impossible! so that’s Snake Demon Yan (Limeng Yan) did it. Isn’t Every FBI agent Snake Demon Yan knew introduced by us? The FBI invited her to dinner is a pure lie. The law says they(FBI) can only get some sandwiches, coffee for everyone. Then do we have to ask what ability she has to make the FBI contact her, which one was not introduced to her by the Whistleblower Movement? And then take it to scare us. Do you believe it?

5. Some people ask me how GTV can make money if it’s not profitable yet. You can look at Uber, which has been in business for several years and lost another $100 million or so last quarter, with a valuation of hundreds of billions of dollars. Look at the top 100 companies in the US; almost all of them have no assets. What they have is intellectual property, uniqueness and monopoly. Those who doubt our G series can simply quit (the investment). A company that is still losing money and in debt is worth US$300 billion at the drop of a hat, and it has to retain 20% of its equity. If so, how much are we worth? When we started investing in GTV last year, we had nothing, zero assets and zero intellectual property rights. One year later, how much is the brand of GTV, and how much is the intellectual property and technology worth! I encourage everyone to take back their original investment and reconsider whether to invest. Don’t trust me, (the CCP pseudo-class said I’m) the “Duck King” or “Liar Guo”. I let several shareholders of GTV to leave because they were unwilling to let our fellow fighters join the new GTV. A certain platform wants to exchange shares with GTV, we are worth 100 billion, so why share with you? Those who want to get a refund, hurry up, go back and listen to Lier Lude and Snake Demon Yan.

6. Himalaya Coin will definitely be listed for circulation in September. Himalaya Dollar has been listed for regular use. No one dares to say how much the price can rise. Those who lack confidence in Himalaya Coin, please withdraw or sell it as soon as possible. The key is the final victory.

7. The Nine Finger Demon (Sara, Wei Lihong) claim that Mulan and Brother Changdao  are both CCP agents is complete nonsense. She is now acting 100% according to the script of the CCP, playing the game of sowing discord. Someone asked when there will be a passport of the New Federal State of China. This passport has nothing to do with your support for the Whistleblower Movement and investment in the G series. If you are here for this passport, please leave. It is clear that the right to choose is in the hands of fellow fighters, but the decision-making power and the future of the G series do not belong to anyone, and they will undoubtedly lead to success.

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