Ken Hao, Chairman of Silver Lake, Close to CCP

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From a lot of things, we can see that the extent of CCP’s infiltration in the Unites States is very serious, and imperceptible. There are many people like the CEO of G42 Group, Xiao Peng and Li Feifei, the independent director of the board in Twitter, who are all possibly the third generation of the CCP leaders. And Ken Hao, Chairman of Silver Lake, possibly is one of this type.

About Kenneth Hao

Ken Hao joined Silver Lake in 2000 and is Chairman and a Managing Partner. Hao currently serves as a director on the board of NortonLifeLock as well as on the boards of portfolio companies ServiceMax and SolarWinds. He also led the establishment of the firm’s offices in Asia and led Silver Lake’s investments in Alibaba Group and Ant Financial. Previously, he served as a director of Broadcom, SMART Global Holdings, NetScout Systems and UGS Corp. (acquired by Siemens AG). Prior to joining Silver Lake, Hao was with Hambrecht & Quist (now part of JP Morgan) from 1990-1999, where he served as a Managing Director. Outside of Silver Lake, Hao serves on the boards of UCSF and Universal Tennis. Hao graduated from Harvard College with an A.B. in Economics.

SolarWinds was referred to the bombing in Nashville, in December 28,2020.

The high-profile Christmas bombing in Nashville, USA, did not seem simple. In addition to the bombing of the AT&T building, SolarWinds was also among the victims. Some analysts pointed out that there were too many coincidences behind this case that were related to the CCP.

The former owner of the AT&T building is Bolon Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Staple Street Capital, the parent company of Dominion, the former executive of Bolon Asset, was involved in the election fraud. One month before the election (October), Staple Street Capital received a US$400 million investment from UBS Securities in New York, and there was a US$200 million deposit before that. The Chinese Communist Party once owned 75% of UBS Securities.

According to China Compilation Report, both AT&T and Dominion are customers of Solar Wind. The solar wind was developed by Silver Lake and Thomas. Bravo (Thoma Bravo) owns. Before 2015, Silver Lake, which is closely related to the CCP, owned SunGard, an IT company whose data center was located at 200 Commerce St., the Christmas explosion site in Nashville.

Ken Hao, once was the director in a company named XinHaoye Information Technology Shanghai Limited Company(新好耶信息技术(上海)有限公司) in 2014, but he was not the director until 2016.

And from 2008 to 2015, Silver Lake had worked with ChunHua Investment to operate the Airui(艾瑞) company’s equity in Shanghai, which we can see as below.

ChunHua Investment had always hold Ant Group’s shares and never reduced them.

And Silver Lake has always been focus on China’s technology innovation companies like Spreadtrum Communications Inc, SPRD(展讯通讯), the leading suppliers of core chips for 2G and 3G wireless communications terminals in China,and  Flextronics, the world’s second largest electronics contract manufacturing provider (after Foxconn) and Avago Technologies, the world’s leading semiconductor company and company.

From 2020, Silver Lake has become more secretive, and it has not longer been limited in the tech world, for example, its investing in Airbnb, Twitter, and Waymo, and started to invest in media, entertainment, sports, and travel fields.

The Silver Lake has infiltrated in a lot of fields in the United States and also in the world, and its power investment map should be one of the parts in CCP’s Global domination Plan. And Ken Hao should be the third generation from CCP leader, we can call it CCP’s “Genital Governance Strategy”.

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