[Commentary] Chinese Entrepreneur and Communist Critic Sun Dawu Gets 18-Year Prison Sentence!

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According to Gabrielle Reyes’ report on Breitbart, on July 28, the Gaobeidian Municipal court sentenced Sun Dawu, 67, who is the founder of Hebei Dawu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group, a Chinese agricultural billionaire and outspoken critic of the CCP, to 18 years in prison for a slew of offenses, including “gathering a crowd to attack state organs, obstructing government administration, and picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. This is a vague catch-all usually used by the CCP to jail dissidents. In addition, Sun was also fined 3.11 million yuan, or $477,860.

In a trial closed to the public, Sun was prosecuted alongside 19 family members and employees, and had asked the Court to “acquit the executives at his company who stood trial alongside him, saying all faults were his own,” but in its verdict, the court sentenced the other 19 defendants ranging from 1 to 12 years in prison.

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In the 1980s, Sun founded Dawu Group as a small business based on raising chickens and pigs. The company later grew into a conglomerate with a wide range of businesses. Sun is the controlling shareholder with 43.75 percent as of November 2020.

In the early 2000s, Sun spoke out in support of expanded rights and freedoms for Chinese farmers and entrepreneurs, giving speeches in support of the cause at top Chinese universities, typically the speeches nettled CCP officials and brought himself unwanted attention. In 2003, he was arrested on accusations of illegal fund-raising, then a cast of academics, lawyers and journalists successfully campaigned for his release.

In recent years, Sun openly criticized the policies of CCP, from its early handling of Covid-19 (CCP coronavirus) to local government cover-ups over a 2019 outbreak of African swine fever that killed thousands of his pigs. In November 2020, the CCP police arrested Sun along with as many as 20 relatives and business partners after Dawu Group “became embroiled in a land dispute” with a neighboring state-owned farm, then Sun’s assets were seized by the CCP and 9000+ employees forced out of work.

In April 2021, Sun and six other Dawu Group employees were again arrested following a second state raid of his company. They were held incommunicado under ‘residential surveillance at a designated location (RSDL)’. Sun told the Court on July 16: “During RSDL, I once requested to be transferred to the detention center because my treatment produced misery beyond words and life was worse than death. I went on a hunger strike for three days, eventually they gave me an hour of yard time, then I saw the sun for the first time in three and a half months.”

Mr. Sun’s 18-year sentence matched those given in recent years to two other businessmen. In 2018, Wu Xiaohui, a Chinese tycoon who rose to prominence after he bought the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for defrauding investors. Last year, Ren Zhiqiang, a retired real estate mogul, was also given an 18-year prison term after he called Xi Jinping a clown in an essay.


After 14 days of continuous trials, Sun Dawu, one of the Chinese conscientious entrepreneurs, founder of Hebei Dawu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group, was sentenced for a slew of offenses by the Gaobeidian Municipal court, including “disrupting public business, gathering a crowd to attack state organs, destructing production & operation, forced trading, illegal mining, illegally occupying land, illegally absorbing public deposits, and picking quarrels and provoking trouble”. As a result, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for these charges and fined 3.11 million yuan. At the same time, Dawu Group was fined more than 300 million yuan, recovered more than 1.4 billion of yuan fines, and returned to shareholders more than 1 billion yuan. Sun is 67 now. He will be 85 years old, if he can get out alive from jail after 18 years. It could be highly possible that he may never make a comeback, because the CCP is just the murder over heart!

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Dawu Group started in 1985 with 1,000 chickens and 50 pigs on a deserted beach. By 1995, 10 years later, Dawu Group had become one of China’s top 500 private companies. After more than 30 years of hard work, self-accumulation and rolling development, Dawu Group has grown from a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization operation in Hebei province to a leading cross-industry private enterprise in China, covering many fields such as education, food, agriculture, tourism and medical care. The group headquarters covers an area of 830+ acres, fixed assets of 2 billion yuan, annual turnover of more than 3 billion yuan, 9000+ employees, under the jurisdiction of 28 independent subsidiaries and a joint venture company. Sun himself was once awarded as “Top chicken raiser in Hebei Province”, and Baoding municipal people’s Congress representative.

In the circle of private entrepreneurs, Sun Dawu is a complete outlier. He was a billionaire, but he lives as an ascetic monk, no villa, no luxury car and always takes hard seat while traveling. His life is extremely simple. As a businessman, his priority is supposed to be the pursuit of profit, however, he runs free farmers’ technical schools and loss-making middle schools. He well knew the hidden rules of officialdom, but he disdains to take political resources, never complicit. He is rich enough, and does not engage in capital operation to make money with money, but he either builds roads or establishes hospitals. Furthermore, he promises that “the hospital takes full responsibility for the entry of patients”, and that the villagers of Langwuzhuang Village and the workers of Dawu Group can see a doctor for only one yuan a month, which are total loss-making businesses. These kinds of welfare, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people for the wellbeing of the people, has seriously impacted the authority of the government, constantly challenged the rules of the game and vested interests of the CCP, and became a hidden rule-breaker that everyone in the CCP system calls for.

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The vast majority of private entrepreneurs in China have come from ordinary people who have gone through all kinds of difficulties. They generally have a strong sense of social responsibility and awareness of feedback, enthusiasm for public welfare and love of the country; and are willing to lead the local people to common prosperity. More importantly, they also tend to be the corner stones of the country’s economic development, contributing most of the country’s tax revenue and employment. Because of the pivotal and irreplaceable role of private enterprises in societies and communities, the evil CCP thinks that the development of private enterprises will bring harm to their security. First, private enterprises will demand to share political power or democratization when they grow stronger, second, private enterprises may become the promoters of color revolution in the future. Dawu group shouldered the responsibility of the local people’s medical care, education and pension, and run an enterprise like a society, which fears the CCP the most in that once this got out of their control, it would lead to the butterfly effect and form independent power. Wouldn’t it make the government marginalized? Therefore, the CCP thinks that the development of private enterprises must be monitored and suppressed to meet their political security needs.

In 2003, the Nobel peace prize Chinese winner Liu Xiaobo once wrote an article for Sun Dawu’s case, saying that once the authorities found the farmer entrepreneurs growing consecutively, especially like the conscientious entrepreneur, Sun Dawu, who not only despises power-for-money deal, but also has the courage to outspeak; not only has economic resources and organization abilities, but also raises thinking for out of poverty from the perspective of farmers’ rights and calls for political reforms from the viewpoint of constitutional democracy. This will pose a huge political challenge to the current political system, and most likely to become a new type of peasant leader. For fear of this, the CCP authorities determined to make use of vague laws to redress the situation. As a result, Sun Dawu and his Dawu group became the victims of the ‘state under the rule of evil law’.

Sun Dawu has not been forbidden to express his views against the unfair system, and his posts on Wechat are all about the idea of democracy. In 2012, in one of his article for The New York Times on “What Path China’s Urbanization Should Take”, he pointed out that “in the countryside, eight ‘big hats’ monitor 1 broken straw hat ‘”, revealing the reality that China’s rural bottoms and farmers are extremely crushed by the government. Moreover, Ren Zhiqiang and Hu Dehua, the two pro-democracy individuals, also have been to Sum Dawu’s hot spring resort hotel together. It is conceivable that they privately chat together and their chat must not leave the topic of democracy, which in the eyes of the authorities must be absolutely intolerant, because the authorities always try to kill these democratic sprout in the cradle.

Astonishingly, the CCP authorities completely put Dawu group under their control and almost destroyed the whole group. Likewise, last year, Wang Zhenhua, chairman of Shanghai Seazen Group, was prosecuted due to indecency with child girl, but he was only taken away and had not affected the company’s operation. The shock of this event probably hit the private entrepreneurs in China the most. In other words, it caused a collective panic among them, with a foreseeable domino effect in the reality of the roll-up economy environment. Of course, this further revealed the shamelessness and evil of the CCP, and also demonstrated that destroying goodness is the essence of the CCP!



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