[Commentary] CCP Regime Sends Chauvinist Athletes for Tokyo Olympics

By MOS Education Group — Ben Edwards

Chinese athletes’ Chauvinist acts shock the spectators all over the world, as reported by an article ‘Tokyo Olympics: Chinese nationalists turn on their athletes’ on BBC website.

On this report, BBC’s Waiyee Yip said that, China’s mixed doubles table tennis team made a tearful apology at the Tokyo Olympics last week – for winning (only) a silver medal. Their finals loss against Japan in a sport they usually dominate had left many online furious. On microblogging platform Weibo, some “keyboard warriors” attacked the pair, saying they had “failed the nation”.

As nationalist fever continues to sweep the country, racking up the Olympic medal tally has become much more than just sporting glory.

For the ultra-nationalist crowd, losing an Olympic medal is akin to being “unpatriotic”, experts told the BBC.

“To these people, Olympic medal tables are real-time trackers of national prowess and, by extension, of national dignity,” said Dr Florian Schneider, director of the Netherlands’ Leiden Asia Centre.

The table tennis match was an especially bitter pill to swallow because it had been a loss to Japan, with which China shares a tumultuous history.

Japan’s occupation of Manchuria in northern China in 1931 before a wider war began six years later, killed millions of Chinese. It is still a sore point between the two nations.

To Chinese nationalists, then, the match was not just an athletic event, Dr Schneider said. “It’s a stand-off between China and Japan.”

Anti-Japanese sentiments on Weibo ran high throughout the match, as users called Mizutani and Ito all manners of names.

A hot picture in Chinese social media app ‘WeChat’ showing China table tennis team coach Liu Guoliang’s remark ‘Don’t let them alive! Understand?’

These Chauvinist acts are the reflection of the pressure CCP (Chinese Communist Party) regime made on the Chinese athletes. CCP is an evil organism constructed under the lead of the Communist International. CCP regime does not stand for all the Chinese people. It sends Chauvinist athletes for Tokyo Olympics and stirs up Chauvinist ‘wolf warriors’ to criticize the athletes who lost gold medal. Furthermore, it is the Chinese National Armed Forces that resist the Japanese Army during the WWII on Far East between 1931 and 1945, but not the CCP’s forces. Chinese athletes and all the Chinese people are victim of the evil reign of CCP in the past 70 years.




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