[August 2, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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[August 2, 2021] Video translation

Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. Have you worked out yet? Brothers and sisters, time flies so fast and it is already August 2nd.

The CCP is going to hold a conference in the Beidaihe District soon. I have heard that armed security is unprecedented. Cross-country troops, artillery units, and armored troops have been deployed. Not only that, but heavy troops have also been deployed in Muxidi, Xishan, and Jade Spring Hill areas. What is going on? Are the gangsters going to launch a firefight?

 In addition, how bad is the financial market now? Among the top 500 companies listed in China and Hong Kong stock markets, about 300 companies, 70%, face liquidation and seizure by the banks.

Many major banks’ presidents and vice-presidents in charge of business have either taken leave or pretended to be sick. Some of them even falsely reported that they were infected with the virus. The falsified certificates of virus infection were found by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Why did they do that? Because the banks will either be forced to make up for the deficit caused by corruption or be seized. These bank presidents, who claim they did not take kickbacks are all falsely accusing each other now.

Within the CCP, various factions in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) are fighting each other. Entrepreneurs and banks are blaming each other. Everybody wants to use the investigative power of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission to take down their enemies.

This round of the fight in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) and the August “Beidaihe Conference” battle is focused on the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, and the financial sector supervisory bodies.

It will be a big show!

The US is getting tougher. Regarding the origin of the virus, not only the US wants to investigate, but also Europe.

The Japanese Olympics are not over yet but have already delivered a strong signal — the virus is not simple. Why the virus is closely linked to the world’s sensitive political events and regional economies? The implication is: somebody is manipulating the virus!

Brothers and sisters: our strategy of destroying the CCP with the truth of the virus, with financial warfare, with the justice power in the party, and with the cooperation of the US has reached a decisive moment. The world has entered the stage of “initiating action to eliminate the CCP.”

Does everybody know how many people on Wall Street, Hollywood, contacted me in the past few days? Your brother-7 has become a very busy man these days.

These people consult your brother-7 because I do not charge. Right? “Why…?” So many “whys.” What will the greedy capitalists of Wall Street, Hollywood, America, and Europe pay? What will be the price behind each “why”?

Elon Musk has sold his house because he knows the US will usher in a major revolution in the construction industry. New materials, new building concepts.  A house will be built for 5% to 10% of the current construction cost  — more safely  and less expensively  than  traditional houses. The construction industry revolution means a safer, more robust, shorter construction period to build a house, so the traditional real estate industry must go suffer.

When the US economy is in trouble, real estate will collapse first, then the stock market, followed by commodity trading.

Elon Musk sold his house and rented a “temporary settlement” for $50,000 a month. That “temporary settlement” is his future development direction — a “Tesla” in the construction industry. He is preparing for the future. He also knows that all the sovereign currencies in the world will collapse or devalue, so he has started to get involved in virtual currencies and the blockchain business.

Jack Dorsey, the owner of Twitter, spent tens of billions of dollars purchasing a currency trading company and payment system in Australia. As you know, our Himalaya-Pay payment system is registered in Australia. So, brothers and sisters, this is our cause.

The CCP has launched a new round of attacks on our Whistleblower Movement and G-Series because it is scared. Why does the CCP not attack such scum as Xia Yeliang or Guo Baosheng?

Most of our fellow fighters still do not see through the subtleties.

Regarding the value and vision of the G-Series, I will wait for the CCP to finish spreading rumors and finish making up stories. Then your brother-7 will have a long live broadcast to tell you the value of the G-Series.

Last night, I met with the G-Series’ IT team, and I was surprised to find that even they did not understand the G-Series’ value proposition.

I will wait until the CCP finishes this round of smearing, attacking, spreading fear – and even the attempt by an individual to take advantage of the chaos to corrupt.  Also, we will take the chance to purify our team. Those fellow fighters who are not firm in faith must be cleaned out. Then I will have a good chat with everybody about the G-Series’ value. Okay?

The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has developed rapidly and has achieved overwhelming success.

Eventually the world will hold the CCP responsible for: the evil of the CCP and its plan to possibly invade Taiwan; the fear it has introduced in Hong Kong; the virus it has released and the new viruses it is about to release; the mutation of the virus and the disastrous consequences of forcing people to get vaccinated; the unprecedented threat to the lives of all mankind.

 To the CCP: you old bastards and scum, what you have done will make us stronger and more determined.

While I was doing a workout before the live broadcast, I received a message from a certain country’s think tank inviting me to give a lecture. They have now found out that “Snake Demon Yan Li-Meng” is a liar.

We are in the process of drafting legal documents to tell the world the whole picture about Snaky Yan, including how she ran the scam. We have contacted many insiders, collected their testimonies, and performed a professional analysis. We will provide the legal documents to the media, legal institutions, and governments. We will tell them that any individual or body that quotes anything related to Snaky Yan will be responsible to the public.

We have many options to deal with her, but there is no need to rush. The same goes for “big-headed Asshole Lu De.” We have driven him into a dilemma — he must maintain the “Lu De Media Show,” but his blathering, making up stories, and bragging about himself is consuming his time and energy. He may feel hopeful every day, and live stream every day, but he cannot have enough income. He will not be able to sustain this for long.

I know the Asshole Lu De very well.   There are several litters of rabbits near my house, and I think of him every time I see the rabbits. If push comes to shove he will be like the rabbits, stuck in their litters and becoming manic. That is very interesting.

He and Snaky Yan live together now and live broadcast together. They said in the live broadcast that I disturbed their “sleep,” and I was “hitting myself in the head with a hammer.” I do not mind what they say at all. Even if they say I am “using a much bigger hammer to hit my head” it will not bother me. But watching them perform like clowns is quite enjoyable.

Like a lion playing with the offspring of a hyena or a fawn he caught, he will not eat them in a hurry. The poor fawn does not even realize its life is going to end and sometimes plays with the lion happily. It is interesting. I have not had that feeling for a long time.

I have been fighting the CCP for decades. Since I came overseas and started the Whistleblower Movement, the battle between the CCP and myself has become public and transparent. And I had forgotten the fun of playing the “Catch Me If You Can” game with the CCP. Now, it comes back. Watching the ugly two getting punished and digging graves for themselves is so enjoyable.

How are the Tokyo Olympics going these days? The fear and uncertainty caused by the virus at the Tokyo Olympics have led sports and media circles worldwide to view the CCP virus through a pair of magnifying glasses, treating it as the biggest threat to human beings.

A sporting event is also a media feast and the stage for politicians. It reinforces the world’s motivation to pursue the truth of the origin of the virus. A disaster can become an opportunity. Of course, we do not want any disasters to happen, do we?

Depending on the situation, I will have a long live broadcast tomorrow morning or evening, chatting with everybody about our G-Series. Thank you.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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